Battery drain on ios 6

One of the more subtle reasons that our devices, iPhones especially, chew through more battery in the days after an iOS update is because we're using them more. There are new features to check out, things to try, redesigned apps to familiarize ourselves with once again.

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That's enough to cause a noticeable shift in battery life. But if, by the end of the week, your device is still struggling to make it through an entire day on one charge, you'll need to take action. Hello Facebook my old friend The first thing to do is to check the Battery settings.

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Not only will it offer helpful tips like lowering the Brightness to conserve battery life , it will list your apps by the amount of power they're drawing and whether that's happening as a result of direct usage or background activity. If an app is drawing more power than usual check the Last 10 Days list to see the trend over time , then it's possible it's not yet optimized for iOS 12 or has some other issue.

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Check to see if there's an update available or on the way. If an app is using a lot of power in the background, however, go back to the main Settings menu and scroll down in the list till you find the app's entry. Take Facebook, for example. I don't spend a lot of time in it, but the app is chewing through a considerable amount of battery by updating itself in the background.

From the app's settings, I can disable and then revisit the Battery settings page later to see if the usage has fallen off as expected. Keep in mind that some apps will re-enable this setting on their own or bug you to turn it back on the next time you open it up. You'll want to keep an eye on the offenders and consider deleting them altogether. Hopefully, you won't have to resort to going on a scavenger hunt for misbehaving apps.

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Just keep your charging cable handy. In most cases, you'll see your device's battery life pop back to normal in a couple of days. The biggest one of these is re-indexing. Follow me on Twitter sunstreaker84 or Instagram. You can read all of my Forbes articles on my profile page. Sep 17, , Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Anthony Karcz Contributor. This might be part of your problem, especially if you pick up your iPhone a lot or walk with it swinging in your hand.

That iPhone screen constantly turning on will definitely drain your battery. To turn off Raise to Wake on iPhone:. When Apple releases a new iOS update, developers have to play catch-up too. This is because developers are in the early phases of releasing the latest versions of their apps that are prepared to work with iOS To update your apps:. But all those widgets take power to keep up to date. To access the Today View from Lock Screen, swipe right from the main lock screen.

Restarting your device is troubleshooting To restart your iPhone:.

Solving iOS 6 Battery Drain Problems

But allowing all your open apps to continually update and refresh in the background is a sure-fire way to drain your iPhone battery. To turn off Background App Refresh:. Location Service is another sneaky way your iPhone could be leaking battery power. Now you might want to leave it that way for, say, a navigation app. You can quickly go through your apps and choose whether they can use your location Always, Only While Using the App, or Never.

How To Fix iOS 6 & iPhone 5 Battery Drain Problems | Fixit Mobile

If the app never needs your location, feel free to select that. For most apps, it makes the most sense to allow Location Services only while using the app.

Iphone 6 Battery Life Sucks? Lets Fix that Right Now!

To do this:. When your iPhone is facing up, the screen illuminates whenever you receive a notification. And if you receive a lot of notifications, they could easily be part of your battery problem.

Especially since notifications in iOS 12 are rich, meaning you can see conversations, images, and more directly from the Lock Screen. Stop yourself from being tempted to reply each time a notification appears by leaving your iPhone face down on your desk or side table. However, not everyone is aware of the beauty that is Low Power Mode.