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Sony UBP-X800 Ultra HD Blu-ray player REVIEW

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Firefox Download the latest version. The Ethernet is Mbps level, not gigabit. The manual says that you can use an app on Android and iOS devices called SongPal, but when you search in the relevant stores you'll find the Sony Music Center, which seems to have replaced SongPal or perhaps it has merely been renamed. A front flap that's almost the full width of the unit keeps things looking neat. When the disc tray opens, it pushes this down. There are no further inputs revealed. Don't lose the remote control!

Thankfully Sony hasn't caved to the regrettable trend of putting keys on the top of equipment, so it remains convenient for stacking.

Sony BDP-S Blu-ray player: VERDICT | TechRadar

There's also a USB socket under a pull-out plastic panel immediately below the two control keys. The player also supports Bluetooth audio devices, so it can connect to your headphones that way.

But not Dolby Vision. It's my understanding that a number of premium Sony TV models will be capable of handling Dolby Vision signals via a firmware upgrade to come.

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However there appear to be no plans to make a similar upgrade available for this player. For that you have to navigate the on-screen display.

- Here's everything you need to know

First, picture performance. Then audio performance. Then disc handling. Then, network media capabilities.

Can 'upscaling 4K' still cut it in the era of true Ultra HD?

The picture performance was glorious with Ultra HD. I'd love to attribute that to this player in particular, but it's actually the things common to all Ultra HD players that produce equally brilliant results: There was a little bias towards film-mode deinterlacing, so that even the more ambiguous film-content was properly delivered.

But actual video-sourced stuff wasn't mistreated as film content either. It was impressive. It broke up a little at the start of Chapter 10 of 'Miss Potter' look at the window of the house as the downwards pan completes , but that's not too unusual. Worse was a couple of minutes into the next chapter as Miss Potter and Mr Heelis are walking down a country lane. For a second or so the railing of the fence to their right is rattling around as the deinterlacer alternates it between lines, rather than just weaving the lines together.

Fury Road' it was—- I noticed something missing. The player was not triggering the Dolby Atmos decoding in the receiver. I was using a Yamaha Aventage model which provides plenty of signal information through its on-screen menus. It turned out that the player was decoding the Dolby TrueHD 7. Time to delve into the menus. There were a couple of things in there that needed changing. That setting allows the player to mix any secondary audio typically associated with BonusView PIP content into the main audio.

In order to do that, it has to decode both the main and secondary audio to PCM. It apparently decodes the main audio to PCM whenever this setting is 'On', regardless of whether or not any secondary audio is present.

Spotify's streaming service arrives on Sony's PlayStation Music

No bitstream means no Atmos. So, if you have an Atmos-capable receiver, go to that settings item and switch it 'Off'. But remember that it's there in case you are watching a BonusView PIP disc in the future and would like to hear the secondary audio. The default setting will act on dynamic range compression metadata, if any, in certain Dolby tracks on some Blu-ray discs.