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Now you'll need to do the same on your iOS device. If you want to access a computer with a different Apple ID association, you'll have to enter that one instead.

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To do so, go to iTunes, head to the "Store" menu, and then "Deauthorize this computer. Then, open the iPod app and tap "More.

How to Set iPad Home Sharing and Share Music to iPad

To listen to shared music, open the "Music" app, tap "More," and click the iTunes library name. To check out shared videos, launch the "Videos" app and do the same thing. Then, head to "iPod," tap "Library" in the sidebar, and select the name of the iTunes library from the pop-up window. How to set up Google's two-step verification: With a few minutes of setup time, your account will be much more secure. Now, open the Music app on your iPad or iPhone. Notice at the bottom there are navigation elements such as radio, artists, playlists, and so forth.

Our iPad is currently selected, as indicated by the check mark. We tap the library we want to connect to. It may take some time, especially if you have a larger music library, so be patient.

Use Home Sharing to share iTunes content with other devices

Here, on our Mac, we can access the music on our Windows computer. Check Antivirus settings 4. Check if the computer is not on sleeping mode. Home Sharing might not work when upgrade to iOS 7 in windows When iTunes is downloaded, a service called Bonjour Service is also downloaded.

Select Bonjour Service and check the status of this service. Restart iTunes. Part 9. Part We eagerly call for an alternative tool to ease iTunes file sharing as much as possible. Available on: Windows Mac. Start Download. Can't Connect to iTunes Store 2.

Part 2: Share other iPhone, iPod, iPad music on your own iPad

Why iTunes is Slow? Can't Connect to App Store Reset iTunes Password 2.

iTunes Tips

Install iTunes 5. Get Free iTunes Card 6. Speed Up Slow iTunes 8. Change iTunes Skin 9. Format iPod without iTunes Unlock iPod without iTunes Display iTunes Lyrics They're downloading. Download Download. A Full Guide on How to Use iTunes Home Sharing This article gives you a detailed guide about how to use iTunes home sharing to share media files between your friends, families, between devices and computers. This article will tell you how to download and modify iTunes skins on Windows and on Mac.

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Tried restarting still no results, need help!! Learn how to fix it promptly with over 10 solutions for you. Does iTunes Backup Photos? Does iTunes backup photos? Yes, iTunes backup photos so that in case you lost your phone or it gets damaged, you can successfully recover your photos.

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