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Every time the service center promise will take working days, but always appears taking over 1 month. I finally gave up and want my money back, and still waiting for refund This has to be the worst phone samsung has ever made. At the beginning it's great but after the first month or 2 it is terrible and that is an understatement.

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830

Firstly the battery life is not more than 4 hours standby time and it takes 30 mins to charge it. Then the wifi, wait what wifi it doesn't even connect to the wifi, samsung clames it does but not for me. Thirdly the bluetooth doesn't work, every time I try to turn it on, it's says error cannot connect. After that the software, the installed software is android 2. There are heaps of other bull sh t things about this phone that a can't put in this review but I hope you got the idea.

This is my first Smart phone, which hasn't won me at all. Had it for 8 months now, Rung Samsung 6 times, went into Harvey Norman 3 times. I have had nothing but trouble. I had to do a factory reset, which I lost absolutely everything on my phone. The factory reset help a little, but not to satisfaction. When phone is completely out of battery life, and then I charge, I couldn't turn it back on, had to call Samsung to do a reset or something.

When charging overnight somehow, it had turn itself off, so I had no alarm, that happened to me twice. I think the screen is small and you have to keep deleting things on your phone if you want to download new app.

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I would never ever recommend this phone! I upgraded from my older Samsung Galaxy 5 which was a brilliant phone that was slowing down and coming up with the full memory notification all the time despite me deleting everything possible from it. Within a month of getting this phone I was once again getting full memory messages and have once again been deleting everything I can off it.

It is constantly knocking back messages that come in becasue of low storage space and so I am constantly deleting messages to make room. Compared to my kids who get hundreds of messages on their iphone everyday I hardly get any I have similar battery issues to the other users and just find it really slow at times. It's a shame because until thisphone I'd have had no qualms recommending a Samsung. Love the swype function now I've mastered it. No probs with blue tooth in the car but it took ages for the dealer to set it up and in the end the problem was fixed by turning the phone on and off.

It takes ages to scan and start once turned on again too. The camera locks too easily and it always takes me ages to figure out how it unlocks again. GPS is brilliant. Swype and talk function is good. Doesn't seem to have much storage space and memory was full in under a month. Always having to delete stuff of clear the cache to get it running again. Takes way to long to start up after a power off and thew battery life is poor. After only owning this phone for 6 months it started freezing, not allowing calls or opening any applications.

It is very slow and temperamental. It is also hard to work out where you want to store data. I am not the only person I know who has had these problems. I really regret buying this phone, would never recommend.

This is my first smart phone and honestly the battery life only initially lasted a few hours, It is better now but still could be better. If you recharge with the USB the battery doesn't last so always use the power adapter for a full charge. Apps crash a bit. It's not a terrible phone. I quite like it and it's easy to use. You can use the data on your mobile plan on your laptop etc if you turn on the phones wireless. Whilst waiting for my internet to connect I used my ace as a modem.

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Speeds weren't great but it was great to check email etc. Easy to use Battery life. It doesn't last long, pretty poor, it doesn't even last one whole day if you're actively using your phone, let's say around 18hrs? So make sure to carry your charger everywhere. Samsung Galaxy Ace S and S Write a review. Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern.

Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Please don't waste money on this Battery life is terrible and phone restarts all the time. Aweful Got this as a loan phone while another Samsung was being repaired. Hate it!! Worst phone ever As noted before, it has hardly any memory, you can't move much to the SD card and it constantly updates apps I have never used and never have any intention of using which would mean I'd have no memory left!

Not worth it Purchased about 8 months ago, worst thing is its out of memory and you are unable to move the apps to your SD card that you have put in as the field is disabled. Love the duos I had the dual sim Samsung Smartphone until the mouse like button in the middle stopped working, so have upgraded to the touch screen duos. Worst Ever Useless phone no mem ory if they tnk 75 MB phone mem is ok then we have been ripped off. Not being told the truth about the phone I purchased I was told when I was buying my phone that I would have plenty of memory on it.

The most apt example of humanity's regression that I can think of Bad This is the worst phone I have ever owned, owned it for a year, it was nothing but trouble since the day that I bought it. Unreliable for calls Had to quickly buy a new phone as was getting tired of using my old Motorola 2G phone to send texts and thought these new smartphones were a whole lot better.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Review

Never Buy Samsung Product again! Bull sh t This has to be the worst phone samsung has ever made. Was this review helpful? Yes No. First Smart Phone. I have had no problems earlier on with the workings of the phone. After 2 years of having this phone I did however find some minor issues; 1 mainly with the internal phone storage capacity MB wanting to keep a lot of things on my phone although I did have an external card, 2 I found that the phone would freeze every now and then but I guess this was due to the storage issue, 3 unable to install some apps not having a lot of storage.

Although it being a very basic phone it was good to use. Please wait. Popular Samsung Galaxy Ace Comparisons.

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