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Unfortunately, the forums have been discontinued. All discussion has been moved to the comments section of our articles, so start clicking on the topics you're interested in to dive back into the conversation! Here are some more lists and articles you might like! AIVC Alice is a pretty standard virtual assistant with an above average track record. It includes the ability to ask for simple things such as starting various apps, the weather, time, calendar, reminders, and even simple math problems.

You can also ask it about fun facts about stats, stocks, and more. Of course, it also includes the basics like calling, sending SMS, navigation, alarms, and translation. Amazon Alexa Price: Amazon Alexa is actually a great personal assistant. Unfortunately, it's difficult to get a hold of.

It requires an Amazon Fire device or an Amazon Echo device. The app on Android is mostly just a controller for the devices. Alexa can do web searches, integrate with smart home stuff, and even order pizza! Its device restrictions are by far the worst part of it. Otherwise, this is right up there with Google Assistant as the best of the best. We recommend it for sure. Bixby Price: Bixby is Samsung's personal assistant app.

It's only available on Samsung devices. Otherwise, it's surprisingly decent. It does web searches, downloads apps from Google Play, and has direct support for a variety of available apps. It also supports smart home tech as long as you get Samsung's proprietary hub. Its only about a year old. However, it's still better than most other options. Those with Samsung device should try this one for sure. We're not sure if Samsung plans on opening this up to any other devices.

It might be nice if they did. Cortana Price: It is true that Cortana still needs some work but it has too much potential to leave off of a list like this. Among its many features include the ability to call people, send SMS and email, track packages, tell jokes, take notes, add stuff to your calendar, and more. Again, it is a little rough around the edges right now. It's still better than most.

Plus, its active development should make it better over time. DataBot Price: DataBot is a slightly above average personal assistant app. It features cross-platform support.

5 Best Personal Assistants For Android in 2017

You also get some basic personal assistant stuff, some customization features, and even a chat bot. However, it's a simpler, entertaining solution for those who like that.

Now install JARVIS - Your Personal Assistant in any android phone like Google pixel Assistant & Siri

It can even tell jokes, riddles, and other goofy stuff like that. The app isn't bad, but it's not mind blowing either. The app is free with some optional in-app purchases. Dragon Mobile Assistant Price: Dragon Mobile Assistant was released by Nuance Communications, the same company that brought us the once iconic Swype keyboard. It comes with the basic features so you can expect pretty standard functionality. We cuddle up with them at night and start our days with their company.

Gmail users, Android owners, and YouTube watchers have given Google plenty of data over the years. Google Now was a feature that used this data to surface information before you knew you wanted it. Google Now sent out suggestions based on your search history, what you watched, and what went through your inbox.

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Google Assistant communicates with you in a more conversational manner, similar to Siri. Apple Siri: Google Assistant vs. Are other voice assistants simply better? Let's take a look. Read More.

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Google Assistant now comes as part of most Android phones. You can access it by holding the home button or, on some devices, squeezing your phone by its sides. The Google Pixelbook even comes with a dedicated Google Assistant button. As you might expect, Assistant can make calendar appointments and answer questions. But with it, Google is trying to expand our idea of what digital personal assistants can do. If you just want a functional Siri equivalent that likely came with your phone, then look no further.

Google Assistant Free. Apple has Siri; Android has Google Assistant. Microsoft figured that Windows Phone needed something, so it came out with Cortana. It later released versions for Android and iOS. Is Google Assistant or Cortana better? We tested these digital voice assistants to find which is better at reminders, music, smart home integration, and more. The Halo-inspired personal assistant is baked into Windows One benefit of this is being able to send a text message from your laptop when you miss a call on your phone. You can also talk to your PC the same way you talk to your smartphone or tablet.

This cross-platform synchronization really is the main reason to install Cortana on your phone. If you already interact with her on your PC and Xbox, why not keep the experience consistent? Cortana also plays nice with Amazon Echo devices. Microsoft Cortana Free.

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Years ago, Amazon seemed like an unlikely name to associate with digital assistants. Its only widely known consumer products were Kindles. The Android app can stream a playlist, tell you the weather, read off news headlines, and tell you a joke, just like the smart speakers. Let's take a look at the most useful and silliest skills from the past few months. Amazon Alexa Free. Lyra, formerly known as Indigo, first appeared as a cross-platform Siri alternative in If you log in on your computer or install the mobile app, Lyra will pick up the conversation regardless of where you are. You can then interact with it in over 70 languages.

6. Bixby – Say Less, Do More

The Lyra app has a simple appearance that nudges you along, with suggestions about the kinds of commands Lyra can understand. You can read the news, translate speech, and listen to music all inside the app. While the Lyra app appears basic, the experience is tied to an online service.