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Our partners provide these services in return for recognising that you've visited our website. Keeping these switched on means we can offer you all the services available on our site and tailor the offers we and our partners share with you. Enjoy cheap calls abroad from the UK with our International packs and add-ons, giving you great rates to keep in touch with family and friends overseas.

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To find out about our best international packs, simply text CALL and the name of the country you'd like to call to , and we'll reply with a great value add-on and how much it'll cost. Grab this pack in the first three months of your contract to get cheap international calls for the length of your plan. Enjoy low cost calls to even more places for the length of your plan. Only available in the first three months of your contract. Our monthly recurring add-ons can be added and removed any time you want, so you can access our great rates when you need them. The International pack is an inclusive benefit of the pay monthly Complete plan.

It is only possible to have one pack at a time. However you can have both add-ons at the same time. These packs and add-ons provide an allowance of minutes for making calls from the UK to mobiles or standard landlines in selected countries.

Keep your team covered internationally.

Fi is still way cheaper. Way too expensive. Also, how many of the countries have 5G service? If this plan is like the current one but only faster, it is a non starter for travel nomads. Not for extended international use; you must reside in the U. Device must register on our U.

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Service may be terminated or restricted for excessive roaming. I had considered Tmobile but do not want to risk being kicked off. I use surfroam. I know Fi uses T-mobile as one of its networks in the US. Once the plan is unveiled, I will call them to see what the deal is and let you know.

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Best of all, I can subtract and add it as needed when I travel as long as I sign up now during the limited time offer period. Beyond the data benefits, voice is now free to just about anywhere in the world — no more 25 cents per minute charges back to the USA or calls within the countries that I visit and work. Thanks Lucky!

Go look for yourself. But, as you point out, Fi is charged for what you use. I believe anyone with Tmobile One right now already gets 5 GB tethering included in the plan. Where are you seeing that T-Mobile is advertising 5G? If you are grandfathered into Kickback and have elderly parents on your family plan then the saving is even better. SO many good replies and information here. My one concern is anyone knows or is reading these updates. Others state it is unlimited calling to almost anywhere and even in the country you are in.

International roaming services | T-Mobile Support

I had a Tmobile plan but the speeds were too restrictive. I have had 2 lines on Tmo and now on Fi, have been outside the US for 3 years on my line and the other line has been 2years outside the US. Come to US only weeks out of the year. Both heavy users across many countries and never got the warning letter from either provider. While Tmo got worse with its slow service, the frustrating thing about Fi is that it is for me on the Moto X4 very unreliable when it comes to data connectivity in the US and voice service abroad.

In the US I have to constantly do the manual network selection to get data connectivity, and abroad I hardly get phone calls coming through on the handset and instead am always answering via hangouts on my other devices. Google still needs to work on its reliability, but the billing setup and data flexibility make it tolerable for now.

What do you mean that with Fi on iphone you cannot tether? I believe the limitation is that when using a data only sim outside the US then you cannot tether, but the primary sim is always able to tether. Will have to do some testing to figure out your comment. Lucky, how about an article on using the iphone with dual SIM.

Typical questions: BTW — Just finished a trip to Germany for two weeks and was advised by a number of cell phone providers that I could not get an account without and EU passport. If you do this and plan to use ANY data then buy the additonal data and add it immediately. These are monthly plans. If you roam you will use the data on your Starter SIM and it will be gone in minutes…I used most of my account just running a speed test on the Starter Kit when I first got it.

Nothing is in English, it is poorly written 3 separate German helpers could not figure out most of what to do , and you will need to setup with a video conference call, with your passport which they will scan and then do a visual comparison with you holding the passport by your face! Then, a few hours later, your account will be activated.

If you phone has no money left you will not be able to add money…. TMO plan seems like to is a good option even though it cost twice as much as AldiTalk but at the same time you heart will last longer! Project Fi is now Google Fi, it is going mainstream. In each country it just works. I never worry about calls or data. It is good and cheap. You juat burn more data as y use it, and only pay for what you use I use Google maps when driving and navigating cities.

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The company made some changes that seem like they should be positive on the surface at least on balance: This plan would include: Tip of the hat to CF Frost Facebook. More from One Mile at a Time. Comments Way too expensive! I wonder if you can sign up just for the months you need it. Text and 2g is already incl, so for calls use FB or WhatsApp or similar.

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  8. Next day though I called home, sent texts, used Facebook, Google maps, Instagram etc. Most expensive text ever! Brendan Lazarus — For years, at least, if not forever. To all those jumping onto Google Project Fi: Who pays money for voice calls over cellular networks when abroad?