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It can be used an an authoring software for new subtitles or as a tool to convert, transform, correct, and refine existing subtitles. Please download the binaries from https: Neuroph is lightweight Java Neural Network Framework which can be used to develop common neural network architectures. Small number of basic classes which correspond to basic NN concepts, and GUI editor makes it easy to learn and use.

JE is a fast, feature rich and powerful programming editor written in Java. It has all features a modern editor must have, plus some more. JE can also be used as a editor panel in other Java applications or applets. A java based Scenery Config Editor. Provides group functionality and more. Check out Slashdot, the leading technology news and discussion site on the web.

Codly: From Photoshop to App

Slashdot covers news for nerds and stuff that matters. Oracle is a proud enterprise sponsor; with NIEM.

Top Photo Editor Features

GeoTools is an open source LGPL Java code library which provides standards compliant methods for the manipulation of geospatial data. A Java based conversion tool that creates a PDF document with a page for each image file.

The image can be rotated to best fit the page. Other options allow for the page to be rotated to best fit the image , landscape or portrait, no auto rotation. A fast and reliable tool, written in Java 6, for generating professional UML sequence diagrams from text. Can serve as a Javadoc taglet. The source code is hosted at http: This application allows you to load an image file and convert it to a excellon drill file. For best result, you can adjust color, tolerance filters and circle recognition parameters and see a preview image before creating output file.

Demonstration video: Coming soon! Useful information of this application through: EJE is a simple Java editor , perfect to learn Java , without learning a complex development tool. EJE is multi-platform written in Java , light- weight, user-friendly and have several useful basic features.

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A good help to start with Java! Sweet Home 3D is an interior design application that helps you to quickly draw the floor plan of your house, arrange furniture on it, and visit the results in 3D. JII Java Image Info provides a clean interface to a collection of Java libraries and source code to read basic properties of images. Easy-to-use command line tool for analyzing, manipulating and managing image files. It can join MP4 h and automatically create chapters for each video.

The source code is included in the Jar file atm! Tested on: Resize and Crop Use the crop tool to make a rectangular photo square or to focus on one portion of your photograph. Close [X] Users who downloaded PhotoPad also downloaded: It allows you to seamlessly extend image width or height. PhotoPad Photo Editing Software Edit your photos easily Easy picture enhancing tools for beginners and advanced tools for professionals Download Now Buy Pro Version PhotoPad picture editor is the fastest and most fun way to edit your digital photos.

Convert your photo to a paint by numbers pattern Convert photos to oil paintings for a great effect Have fun with the photo to cartoon effect Easily edit digital photos and other pictures Supports all popular image formats Crop, rotate, resize and flip photos fast PhotoPad is designed to be ready to open and edit your photos quickly. Photo Editing Features Crop, rotate, resize and flip pictures Touch up photos to remove blemishes and fix color Improve photo quality and focus with blur, sharpening and noise reduction tools Adjust the color balance, exposure, levels, brightness, contrast and more Merge multiple exposures to create stunning HDR photographs Load jpg, gif, png, tiff, bmp, and other popular image formats Change the aspect ratio of an image without distorting key features using the liquid resize effect Easily undo, re-order and edit existing effects on the layers list using non-destructive editing Toggle layer visibility to review an edit.

Get Creative with Photo Editing Apply photo effects, including oil paint, cartoon, vignette, sepia and many more Create collages and photo mosaics with your photographs Use preset filters to easily enhance your photos Convert your photo to cross stitch patterns, paint by numbers or add an oil painting effect Add text and captions to photos to post online, add to photo books or to create a new viral meme Insert clipart from the included clipart library Add frames and borders around your photographs Upload edited pictures directly to Facebook or Flickr Adjust the opacity of a layer to finesse an edit.

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Mac OS X And then there's Photoshop's other big issue: If your computer isn't a serious powerhouse, it could take all day to get the color balance just right and crop the dog out of the wedding photos. Now there's a solution that has all the power of Photoshop, but runs right in your browser without requiring a high-end workstation to use. It's got all the great features you'd expect from a professional image editor and, best of all, it's free to use.

Call it "the little image editor that could. SVG and. Once you've got your picture in, you'll find all the tools you'd expect from a high-end photo and image editor. You can sharpen blurry pictures, adjust the contrast and color to get that iffy picture perfect, and add text so we know that silly cat just wants a cheeseburger.

Mobile Photoshop

You can even erase backgrounds so that picture in your living room looks like it was taken on a beautiful Caribbean beach. This is a lot more than a basic photo editor, though. Photopea uses layers and history like high-end photo editors do, so if you already know your way around Photoshop, you'll know exactly what to do. It even includes a full suite of filters and artistic effects so that family snapshot could look like something from the s or the Wild, Wild West. For professionals, you can work in CSS, put down guides for perfect spacing and arrangement, and get all the image properties and information you need, like the exact X and Y values of that pesky pixel.

OK, it's a free, powerful image editor with a lot of neat stuff, but maybe you're not convinced yet. And don't most of those require like a high-end graphics workstation?