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Sign in to your account. Does the chrome browser on iOS support remote debugging and if so does it require the web inspector protocol or the webkit protocol? If not I really suspect they won't show up, though I haven't tried , then it's not the proxy's issue and should be raised with the Chromium project -- much higher likelihood of useful followup there.

As soon as Chrome exposes its WebViews to Safari, the proxy should start seeing them as well. I have a suspicion again unverified that when iOS6 just came out, all WebViews in all apps were exposed just as long as DevTools were enabled in the Safari prefs, but then at some point in a minor release the exposure has been suppressed for AppStore-downloaded apps, at least by default.

Unfortunately iOS doesn't expose the remote debugging for the UIWebView for apps other than apps you build and install yourself through Xcode: I have a feeling that Chrome simply doesn't use the standard web view and has built their own solution to render the pages. In that case they would have to add their own remote debugger either using the web inspector protocol or the webkit protocol. I didnt think this was an issue with the proxy, more a possible enhancement. If chrome did use the webkit protocol, you could use the proxy without the translation to the web inspector protocol to debug chrome as well.

However we would have to know if Chrome has a remote debugger. As pmeenan mentioned, Apple docs specifically say you can only inspect either the Mobile Safari or your own apps that you installed from XCode, not in apps installed from the AppStore:. If you have a development provisioning profile installed on your device, you can debug any web view UIWebView object in your app. This is particularly useful if your app manipulates the DOM on the fly and you want to observe the generated code.

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To inspect a UIWebView, make sure that your app is open to the desired view so it appears under the Develop menu. The name of your app will appear under the name of your device. When debugging web content in a web view, Web Inspector behaves in the same manner as debugging web content in Safari.

You can only inspect apps on devices that have been transferred to your device from Xcode. You cannot inspect apps that have. As I said, it's best to take that up with the Chromium project.

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Download ZIP. Launching GitHub Desktop Go back. Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio Latest commit 4bc5aca Nov 23, On a MacOS, it's easiest to install with homebrew: DSO missing from command line. You signed in with another tab or window.

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Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Press h to open a hovercard with more details. Aug 7, Nov 23, Apr 13, Awesome, totally awesome. Weinre is out. Hate it. Thank you for suggesting a tool which is open source, but most importantly does not force you to use Windows or Mac. I was disappointed because breakpoints were not respected while debugging javascript. It would be really great if that kind of information was in your official documentation though. Wow just tried and it works almost seamlessly with browseemall.

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I think i will disable my browsersync setup and try it further. Thanks for this info. But BS is still awesome as sh! Have been using Ghostlab for the last couple of months and I am glad I found it. Makes testing so much faster. Theoretically it is possible — provided that your framework lets you load the resources over the network i.

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Ship custom analytics today with Keen. Options for Mobile Web Debugging Let's have a look at what your options are for mobile debugging tools. Debugging Using Vendor Toolsets Goggle's developer tools allow you to inspect any web page running in Chrome on Android by connecting the Android device only 4.

Other Options The addition of development tools for mobile devices to browsers has been quite recent. Ghostlab Ghostlab which runs on both Mac and Windows proxies the site you want to test either from your local filesystem or a remote URL and lets any number of clients browsers or devices connect to the site at the same time. Remote DOM Inspection Once you have Ghostlab running and have started the server by clicking the play button, you can connect your default browser by clicking the rocket button and mobile devices by entering the Ghostlab server URL or using the convenient popup QR barcode.

Here's a movie showing off how that works: Conclusion Although some of the pain of mobile debugging has gone away with browser-specific tools, there still are limitations, and it requires setup. Ricardo Zea. Permalink to comment April 15, Permalink to comment April 17, Neal G. Ben Racicot. Permalink to comment April 26, Nour Akalay.