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It can also be linked after a Cosmic Heel. Standing Light Kick is very fast but doesn't have much reach. Does slightly more damage at long range. It is a good poke due to that range and its fairly good speed. The farthest range only gets the last hit, making it not as useful at that range due to low damage and stun. This makes it a good armor breaker or to stuff a Focus Attack. Can be used as an anti-air in some situations. At close range this move does a lot more damage and stun than if at long range. If it hits you get an untechable knockdown. Using this at its maximum range makes it pretty safe if it is blocked.

Vega's multi-hit rolling attack is improved in Super, allowing him to pressure the opponent without the fear of retaliation. It can be used as a combo ender. If you have EX Meter, you can also FADC the last hit of the attack to make it safe on block or to go from this move into a mix-up to surprise your opponent by FADCing forward into a throw or further attacks.

The strength of the Punch button used determines the damage, stun, horizontal distance rolled forward, execution speed, and the number of hits. The Light Punch version executes fastest, hits two times, inflicts the least amount of damage and stun, and travels the shortest distance. Medium Punch version does 4 hits. Hard Punch and EX version do 5 hits. The EX version has the same properies as the Hard Punch version for the most part only it is invulnerable to fireballs and inflicts more chip when blocked.

Scarlet Terror is a backflip that can be used as an anti-air but it is also useful to punish opponents who like to use Focus Attacks, either to actually attack or just to feint, up close.

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It can also be used as Vega is getting up to avoid some of your opponent's wake-up strategies. The strength of the kick button used determines the number of hits, damage, stun, and distance of the attack. The Light Kick version travels the shortest distance, hits one time, and does the least damage and stun. The Medium Kick version has the same speed properties as the Light Kick version but it hits twice and does more damage and stun.

Heavy Kick version consistes of two hits, starts up faster, and does more damage and stun. The EX version works best as an anti-air. It executes with the same speed as the Heavy Kick version but it does more damage and stun, and the EX version should be the preferred version to use if Vega is getting up from a knockdown.

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Vega jumps off the wall and flies horizontally across the screen with his claws outstretched. This move is a pretty high risk move, so use it with caution. Keep reading for some of the reasons why it is high risk. The strength of the punch button used determines the height of the horizontal attack. The Light Punch version flies the highest and Heavy Punch being the lowest. All versions can be crouched under and punished easily on block. The EX version goes through projectiles, hits three times, and executes very fast. It also can be used as a cross-up and can be used to fake out opponents who are expecting a Flying Barcelona Attack.

Street Fighter IV

As with most of Vega's Special Moves, the move has little to no invincibility, is easily stuffed and trades easily. Use this to punish fireball spammers. The Sky High Claw can also be used to chase down an opponent who is trying to jump away to create some space. You can use this to catch them as they try to jump away. The EX version is best for this purpose, but if you can't spare the EX Meter cost use the appropriate regular version.

All three heights can be crouched under and punished easily on block.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition asset Free

EX version hits 3 times and goes through projectiles. Good for fast crossups and faking out people expecting FBA's. As with most of Vega's specials it has little to no invincibility, can be easily stuffed and trades easy. Use to punish fireball spammers and jump-ins occasionally.

Street Fighter IV Review | Tap Gamers

The Flying Barcelona Attack has Vega jumping off the wall where he can then attack the opponent with a Claw Attack or an Izuna drop or he can cancel the move if conditions don't look favorable. After the initial wall jump, Vega has three options. He can hold toward the wall to cancel.

This can be used as an escape from a pressure situation or to simply back off and regain composure to reset things. For the Claw Attack, the strength of the Kick Button used determines the damage of the attack with the Light Kick version doing the least damage. The Claw Attack can be used to cross-up an opponent. In other words, it's not the sort of game that is going to translate well to the indefinite poking of a touchscreen device. And that's a fact proven by Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition. It's a flappy, indistinct copy of a game that is considered by many to be one of the finest fighters that ever graced arcade or console.

The game follows the usual form of a Street Fighter game. You pick a character, then take on other brawlers in one on one scraps. Knock down your opponent's health bar and you'll win a round. Win two rounds and you'll win the fight. Each character has their own set of moves. There are fireballs, spinning kicks, flaming punches, and more.

Then there are super moves and Ultras.

And focus attacks. Essentially CE has everything you'd expect from a version of SF4. There are less buttons here than usual.

You've got a punch, a kick, a special button, and a focus button. You can perform your ultras and supers with button inputs, or if you'd prefer you can tap the bars at the top of the screen when they're full. And you're going to be doing that, because quite frankly the controls just aren't good enough.

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  4. Matches quickly descend into bouts of jump kick, low kick, repeat. I've yet to manage to pull off a dragon punch on purpose. Hadoukens are patchy at best, and good luck getting anywhere near to pulling off Zangief's throws that require you to input a full circle. There are single player and multiplayer modes, but they're blighted by the same problems.