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That usually is much more effective, so that your problem is fixed then and there. They may even be able to get you a new SIM card! Check for your nearest T-Mobile stores here. Good morning, magenta! Did you get your SIM activated yet?

How To Sign Up For T-Mobile's $30 Prepaid Plan!

I'm so sorry you've been getting the run around to complete a simple task. If it's still not activated, can you please let me know where you purchased your SIM and if you already started the port in status? Hi Amanda - I'm having the same problem. I purchased mine online. I don't know what you mean by "starting the port in status". I did indicate when I ordered it online that I wanted to use my existing number. I am also not near a T-mobile store.

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Hey there! When you placed your online order, did you input your account number and PIN in the area where you state that you wish to use your existing number?


Your post below says that this is a replacement SIM, but is it for a new line or an existing line on your T-Mobile account? Were you told by care that your SIM is in reserve status? Unfortunately my prepaid SIM card which is on reserve cannot be released for reasons which have not been explained to me and my purchase order has been cancelled. No one is in a position to explain to me why. The SIM card was a prepaid card which expires in I have spoken during the past weeks with over 15!!

Unfortunately I am located in Europe and cannot visit a shop in person.

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There is no roaming abroad. US Mobile officailly accepts international credit cards and both credit cards that have been tested Irish Visa and German Mastercard worked without any issues. SIM come either in mini and micro size or in nano. They have these monthly packages on offer. All packs include unlimited domestic calls, internatl. Beyond the allowances speed will be further lowered to kbps.

All packages will auto-renew, if there is credit. If not, service will be suspended. Tethering is allowed without surcharges. International roaming is allowed in the following countries of Latin America but no others at no extra cost: When included data is used up, speed will be reduced to 64 Kbps.

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  8. For more data, you can only reset your plan ahead of time. Tethering is allowed and without surcharges. Activation is done online or by calling from any phone except the one you are trying to activate. Top-up cards can be bought at some convenience stores and at Walmart only. Customer support can be reached on or online at www. When all data are used up, speeds will be reduced to 64 Kbps. Activation can be done here. Tehtering is allowed and free. It's not possible to send many internatl.

    Customer support is or online www. But you will have to choose one network and can't switch or roam. This is valid for 90 days and contains 60 domestic minutes. Reload cards or codes are available at convenience stores, supermarkets, chain drugstores and big box retailers like Target or online by credit card. All these packages need to be purchased online on http: Tracfone users can make calls to 60 countries including Canada, Mexico, China and most Western European countries list for the same price as a domestic call. To make an international call you first dial You will then prompted to select your language 1 for English and then to dial plus the country code and number.

    It's not possible to call other countries besides the 60 supported ones and Tracfone doesn't support sending international text messages either. You can buy the SIM card online , on eBay. Mini and micro SIM sizes are available. You need to activate you SIM card online or by calling from another phone.

    Reload PINs are available from their outlets. The PIN code has to be texted to like this: Alternatively, you can top-up online by debit or credit card. To this card, you can link auto-pay, but don't forget to cancel later. You can add these combo plans valid for 30 days.

    All contain unlimited domestic calls, domestic and international SMS, calls to some internal. The unlimited plan is really unlimited, but requires auto-pay.

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    The other plans will be throttled to 64 Kbps having reached the quota. For more data, you can renew your plan at anytime. Plans will auto-renew every 30 days or 7 days depending on plan. If you do not have sufficient funds in your account your service will be suspended. If you do not renew within 90 days after your account is suspended you will lose your phone number. You can check your cash balance, change plans, add PINs and make a payments using a credit or debit card using the My Account option online free registration required or by calling ADD from your Simple Mobile phone.

    Take care which network you choose. Reload cards can be found in their stores, supermarkets or at callingmart. Available top-ups are: If not topped up, account will be terminated and credit is lost.

    The SIMs can be activated online or by calling from another phone. To top-up go online and pay with credit card or visit the dealer again. Auto-pay is available too. When data is used up, speed will be throttled to kbps. Additional data can be added to any plan at: Not to sound overly simplistic but if the Sim has been activated then the device will work with the network and if it has not been activated it will not give you any service.

    Hey there, magenta! Simplistic or no, I think snn has pretty much nailed it here. How are things going for you? Is there a reason you were checking -- were you waiting for provisioning to complete, or are you having trouble with your LineLink? Our sim card stopped working suddenly. Our line link and sim card were replaced. Phone still is not working.

    We have gotten nowhere. Thinking of saying goodbye to TMobile line link. Do you have an idea to help us with this?? Whoa, that's no good!

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    While we can't check provisioning on the account side from our Support Community, we do have a ton of documents that can help with troubleshooting!