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However, during the assault, Walker and Anderson are captured and held prisoner by Tong himself. Seconds before their unceremonious execution, Anderson manages to escape and release Walker, who then kills Tong. The unit is then sent to infiltrate Kijang, a K. During the raid, Popovitch manages to capture Downs and Walker.

The last thing they are told before they are knocked unconscious is that they have failed and their efforts will prove fruitless as nuclear missiles are to be launched at the US. After being locked up, Downs and Walker manage to escape their cells. Popovitch flees, but Walker and Downs are able to disarm two of three nuclear missiles.

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Upon reaching the third missile however, they discover Popovitch had changed the launch codes. With no other choice, they plant C-4 explosives on the missile and head after Popovich, in what seemed to be a suicide mission. Upon reaching him, the missile explodes, killing all of Popovich's guards, and incapacitating Walker. Moments later, Walker awakens to find Popovitch beating a near-unconscious Downs. Despite being dazed by the explosion, Walker manages to push Popovitch onto a sharp pipe, and stabs him in the neck before Popovich shoots him.

The game concludes as an extraction helicopter arrives, and Downs muses, "What kind of booze do you think they sell here? After this, an epilogue shows the US taken back from the K. However, it is then revealed that Edward Page is free, and an audio recording is played in which he states, "You have no idea how far I'm willing to go.

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Whereas Sandstorm featured seven weapons, and Black Pegasus featured fifteen, Fallen Nation features twenty-one, in addition to throwing knives, five different grenades, seven pieces of equipment and seven "perks". Weapons can be also be fitted with attachments like red dot sights or silencers. Unlike in Sandstorm and Black Pegasus which featured predominantly real world weaponry, the weapons in Fallen Nation are fictional, but are based on real world counterparts.

The system allows players to connect their iPad to a TV whilst still using the iPad to control the game, as the control panel remains visible on the iPad screen. It's not easy to play this way, as you will often find yourself looking down at the screen to find the right buttons, due to the lack of tactile feedback.

The iOS version holds aggregate scores of 88 out of on Metacritic based on 19 reviews. IGN 's Justin Davis scored the game 8. Modern Combat 3 is the best FPS on mobile devices. Rob Rich of Apps rated it 5 out of 5, saying " Modern Combat 3 looks great, no question, but it's the smaller details like animations and the occasional slow motion kill shot that really draw the eye. But really, I think the reason I've enjoyed my time with the game so much is because it's just so The over-the-top set piece moments are surprisingly grand for a handheld device and the multiplayer, with its experienced earned currency-driven weapon unlocks and customizations is excellent.

He accused the game of a "lack of maturity", criticizing certain aspects of the design; "there are the unintentionally hilarious moments that keep cropping up, like when your AI companion keeps shouting the wrong squad name during the Alaskan levels, or when he 'drags' you to safety by slightly moving your arm.

These give the game an unwelcome knock-off quality.

Buildings caving in on top of your character, tanks bursting through walls, and helicopters swooping to take you down are all present, and the game does a good job of stringing these together. It still asks you to ignore the awful AI, clumsy level design, and awkward touchscreen controls.

Slide to Play's Chris Redd was more impressed, rating the game 4 out of 4 and concluding that " Modern Combat 3 is a gorgeous, adrenaline rush of a game that capably answers the mobile call of duty. Fallen Nation is a must-buy game. TouchGen's Nigel Wood was equally impressed, scoring the game 4. Props to the great blur effects when you run and turn. Sure, it may not boast the best textures , lighting or animation, but as an overall package it all comes together beautifully" and the multiplayer " Modern Combat ' s multiplayer is more than good, it's excellent.

Part of what makes it so great is its depth. First off, you've got ranks to reach and a huge range of weapons to unlock as you level up through your kills. That alone is going to keep you busy for many, many months. But each weapon also has multiple attachments [ Challenges like gain 20 kills with a certain gun, complete 50 revenge kills killing the person who just killed you.

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And that's not all. Once you've unlocked a few of the heavy hitting guns, you can customise your weapon load outs. For the first time on iOS, kill chain rewards make an appearance so you can blow the entire map to kingdom come once you've whacked 20 players in a row. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. October 27, [1]. December 19, [2]. June 7, [3]. August 31, [4]. Fallen Nation iOS ". Retrieved October 18, Fallen Nation from Gameloft now available in the Android Market". Android Central. June 7, Retrieved August 28, Pocket Gamer. Retrieved October 9, Fallen Nation Review".

Archived from the original on June 5, Retrieved June 23, CBS Interactive. Slide to Play. Modern Combat series. Sandstorm 2: Black Pegasus Domination 3: Fallen Nation 4: So, players can better enjoy the gameplay and storyline.

Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation

The equipment will also be open as this player level increases. Usefulness of the equipment itself is one of them is to add ammunition that can be taken or become undetected from the radar. While skill can make players return faster or drop bombs when the player is dead. Fallen Nation Mod.

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