Ipad touch screen not working in safari

I took off my case and no issues. I got to thinking and realized that I had the case folded up so the magnetic cover that turns the iPad on when I opened and closed it was on the back of the iPad. I decided to try turning that function off and it worked! No issues!! Hope that helps ;. Mic micgggg. I still decided to replace it but that could be a sign indicating this is a software issue. So if you happen to see this post and want to give it a try, please spend a few minutes to reply this post and post your results so more could be beneficial from your experience.

I believe it's both software and hardware. Because when this problem occur. It is only helps for a few minutes or maybe totally gone for that day I can't tell specifically. Even turn off multi-gestures. Do you have this problem? You might need to set background as dynamic and use something easily to notice when problem occurs. I just got my replacement again from Apple store. If yours is still under warranty, do that since new hardware has a great chance to be functioning well. January 2 by Mic. January 26 by dan.

So glad to see the same issue reported here. However, their test was placing it flat on the table and touching several keys. Only way to fix key lock is move pad back and forth like a reload to a shotgun. It lasts about 3 minutes and problems start again. Yes and that is exactly my case. I can't film the exact problem to show to apple shop. But I will try to make it work. There are something wrong with iPad rotation because my background if red with only apple logo, while problem occurs, The Apple logo will shake like do drugs.

Or software? Apple came on line diagnosed mine while using and saw a hard ware issue. I see all over the internet feed back this is a big issue. I think Apple should step up and replace these. Only had my 2 one 1 month when started. Jeff Lind jeffo My case exactly that. Apple did not giving me any choices but to buy a new one.

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Not the answer Im expecting to hear. Phuwanut Pataratawinun. Mine is a 2nd gen, and my problem is probably linked to the apple pencil, when I disconnect it completely unpair or just let the battery run flat the problem seems to go away, or at least a lot less. Another thing is that when it happens mine canbe fixed just by turing off the screen with the power button and unlocking it again which takes only about 1 sec..

Simon Virgo. Hey all, I had very similar issues with my However, I realized the issues began on a day with exceptionally high air humidity. I suspect that some moisture has condensated in the ipad rendering the capacitative screen unresponsive from time to time. Service shop also not going to help me with this issue but rather say it is a good use and should buying a new one.

At that time I was mad about the answer and give up on fixing it. Anyway yesterday as I watched Apple event live I saw a new iPad Pro and I will give it a try, better than getting mad and smash the iPad for a second time. Return the old iPad, exchange for some cash and buy a new one. Keith Engie. Apple sucks, mine is the same way. I think apple does this on purpose so you buy the new ounce coming out.

I am about to buy a new one that coming in a few weeks. The New iPad Pro will be available in my country in December. I should have been upgraded to the new one I own 2 of these nightmares.. I use for work and this is a waste of a lot of money.. Ira Salsberg. While still unresolved, Apple Support has finally admit that this is a known software issue, and said they would try to resolve via this latest Waiting to hear back. They would also like me to reinstall the latest iOS directly in iTunes, instead of over the air wifi. Not sure why this would matter, but too tired of this, so will wait for a bit.

I tried everything. Clean installed, not working. Turn the Bluetooth off, nope. Removed the Apple Pencil, also no. Devin Oakley jivix. I have been suffering with this issue for months now. The responsiveness of the touchscreen has gradually dropped over time, while the Pencil continued to work perfectly.

Safari Issue, Freezing, Search Bar, Crashing FIX For iOS & OSX : Easy

Eventually I started getting skipped keys while typing, scrolling would pause mid-scroll, but the Home button and rotate always worked perfectly. It was driving me crazy, I was paranoid that my fingers were too dry, the surface coating was deteriorating, my fingerprints were causing detection issues on the huge display, and thought perhaps my screen protector was causing the issue.

I noticed that the condition improved somewhat when I removed the iPad from its leather case. This indicated to me that the problem lies in the capacitive touch part of the display. DR, I was able to fix my iPad Even a tiny amount of flex can cause the touchscreen to stop working correctly. To do this fix yourself, you need a precise flat edge tool.

I recommend getting a machinist or carpenter square that has a sharp edge, like this one: If your issue is caused by screen flex, you will see the screen fail to touch the edge of your measuring tool. You need to flex the iPad until the screen is in full contact with the straightedge from every angle, more or less. My iPad was maybe only I finally got frustrated enough and did this fix today, my iPad suddenly became as responsive as it was on day 1, no reboot necessary!

Exactly as my case. But I don't think I can fix it on my own. Already gave up and repair will cost me half of the 2nd hand good iPad Pro gen 2 I have Gen1. I am about looking forward to new iPad Pro but still waiting for people to show serious problems. If we assume the case is creating a flex on your iPad Pro, and that is causing touch issues. And when the iPad is not being flexed when it being in a case, and there are no touch issues. Was a big problem in iphones, still is, and is probably not exclusive to them. Your iPad is probably going to get worse down the road.

Think about how you put the case on in off, it definitely creates a little bit of flex on it. Keep in mind that the aluminium frames of iPads are a lot weaker than they seem. Get it checked out by a mobo tech, or try it out yourself. January 18 by Jonah D. I tried all that and doesn't work at all.

But I do in anger bend the iPad real hard and problems gone. I would not recommend but I might lucky bend the iPad back to correct position. Right now problem only occurs when playing in bed which will have different angle from sitting position. My iPad Pro is Chris Bursnell krisburz. No, it worked for me for a day then in started freezing again. However, I tinkered some more and now I would declare my iPad fixed. I had switched off airdrop. Then switched off Siri and background refresh. Then switched off the battery percentage.

Battery percentage is still off. My iPad is like new. Switching off the battery percentage certainly helps, but eventually the freezing returns. Cycling the percentage switch cures, but only for a day or two, then freezing is back. My iPad got so frustrating to use, I tried resetting everything, other than deleting data. I deleted the Facebook app and some other apps. Reset home screen and networks. Everything works great, no freezing. I started grouping apps in folders and reinstalled Facebook. Freezing returned immediately. Over a month now and my iPad has not frozen once. Avoiding both is certainly working for me at present.

February 2 by Chris Bursnell. Giovanni Moscardino. I hav e a Pro 1st Gen. Shop in my country not solving any issue of this. I might have to visit actual Apple store that just opened here couple weeks ago to see if they can fix it. Replace it would be bad it's not worth it. Now so it's not worth it. I could simply pay more to get a new one instead of old ones. The worst scenario is iPad pro gen 1 and 2 have a same replacement cost, but they wont give you the Gen 2 rather get a new old model.

I had the same problem with my iPad Pro—unresponsive to taps.

Fix iPhone

No more problems with unresponsive screen. First iPad had it and the replacement too. I turn it off and things are generally ok. Occasionally it will hang on the lock screen, but I can alleviate it by turning battery percentage on then off again. I tried: Mine is definitely related to battery percentage.

How to Fix: iPhone iPad iPod’s Touch Screen Not Working After iOS Update

Keep going through the settings. I can tell you what I figured out with mine. It is the lightning port. Mine will freeze when anytime I have the. Rolly rojen I just got my iPad Pro Have not had problem with the original iPad and iPad Air 2 at all! My iPad Air 2 is still working perfectly except the battery is losing charges. I believe it is hardware problem Someone mentioned about unbending the iPad?! Tried to cut corners and squeeze all those components in the pad??

Get a magnetic case or Apple smart keyboard folio. This should fix a problem. I tried and it works. I don't think it is a software problem at all. The Genius Bar has no idea what is going on so all they can do is erase everything and start over! It "helped" but didn't "fix" the problem! With mine everything is fine when I have my charging cable plugged in.

As if now I have all the power I need to evenly distribute all the "power" to the screen area so all the "touches" are recognized!


Design flaw?? Quality control?? Not everyone has the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tried plugged and unplugged charging cable many times and duplicated the problem! Did you check that your iPad doesn't bend? Sometimes slightly bend also cause the iPad touchscreen went bad too.

I did bend my iPad Pro back so it helps but I won't recommend for new iPad Pro as it's too thin and might void the warranty. BTW I asked people a few things and I know that when touchscreen is unresponsive it is still work on some people. I let my sister play while touchscreen not respond to me but it does respond to her finger.

Another thing, even touchscreen is not responding, rubber tip pen still works. In your case if iPad cannot distribute the electricity evenly and causing iPad Pro not working properly, Within 14 days you can ask for a refund. Return and refund. Is it iPad Pro? I've heard that works for some people when it freezes.

Mine is Pro, doesn't work at all when touch gets frozen. Matthew Jeon. Tried software reset, iOS update, physically bending turns out table was bent. So disabled shake to undo which uses accelerometer and lock screen rotation. So far touch works flawless. Considering the problem appeared after iOS I-date, it definitely seems to be software problem that messes with the accelerometer.

Shake To Undo was off all the time and I still experience this issue.

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  7. Actually as som people pointed out I tried and disabled widgets, location, etc. I turned on the location service and immediately experienced touch issue again. Also portrait seems working better than landscape Mine just the opposite. Touch works better when held in hands especially when you have one hand touching the rim of the ipad.

    Must have something to do with static electricity, conduction or whatever! Just do not understand why. January 1 by Rolly. Mine seems to have started doing it after updating to January 2 by Billy Turner. January 3. January 3 by Sara Alvarez. We don't know about anything that fixes this issue for sure. After a while it's back there even for those who say they fixed it usually the fix is temporary for hours. January 3 by JohnC.

    Yep there are so many ways people think it will solved but my answer may not solve your problem. It's more than a magnetic problem as some people having no problem at all. Apple already noticed about it but apparently they ignored. January 12 by Mr. Robert Pittman pittmank. I returned mines for a new one before the warrant expired. They always say that about this issue - heard by myself and from multiple friends. I think it's in their policy - deny problems that are not officially supported by the PR department.

    Anthony Semaan. January Play games, put it at maximum graphics. Play until battery went off then charge. Charging while playing is not easy as it's too hot for your hand but that's also the idea of Ruining battery life and the last one, I am not encourage enough to take by put in the fridge when it's hot. I know that will make battery life a lot shorter and faster but I am worry about Apple might notice about it so. January 27 by Mr. Tend to play the idle game because these games won't required you to play but you can leave the screen open over night while charging.

    Top 10 iPhone Safari Problems and Solutions

    Andris Ogrins. I have been using the Khomo case, and realized that once I removed the case the problem was gone. I also noticed that with the case on, and ipad pro on charge, I could not use the fingerprint sensor to unlock the ipad. With the case off, and ipad on charge, all is fine! Especially iPad Pro Gen 3. Best without any protective glass, film or even case. Only best with itself, I mean Apple Smart folio. Not certain if it coincided with the change when I went to iOS 12 beta. I had the issue even with no Apple Pencil around.

    Wonder if someone else can confirm the same result. If so maybe removing and readding the pencil will work. I tried disconnect the Apple Pencil or even forgot the device. Let the Apple pencil battery depleted. No Apple pencil around or even always with the iPad Pro. All these doesn't seem to change anything but as I do know now that I brought the Apple pencil charging dock to keep the pencil always charging and doesn't seem to fix anything. I do know that changing iPad case solved problem most of the time. January 30 by Mr. Maybe coincidence but my wife bought a pencil, not Apple and not Bluetooth, but I tried it on my iPad.

    The freezing started just after. I had an Asus touchscreen device that also froze. In this instance it was electrostatic build up on the cable from screen to pcb. Discharging the cable cured the freezing. However, my iPad issues are certainly software related. For me, deleting Facebook and resetting the home screen works. Ive found that grouping apps in folders initiates freezing, so I just cluster similar items by screen. I will be testing if this is an iOS 12 problem on my iPad From the bottom up, reset each option - location - home screen - keyboard - network - all settings.

    It would be great. February 5 by Mr. House M. February 1. February 5.

    Apple Footer

    Someone mentioned fixing the refresh rate to 60 hz fixes the Problem which actually did it for me. Problems completly gone. These methods can also be applied to iOS 11 or iOS If you cannot restart your device, then you can try this method. For iPhone 7 users, please press the Home button and the volume down button. Have a check on your screen to see if there are some oily or liquid splits and clean the screen with soft cloth. If you have a screen protector, you can remove it to have a try.

    If all of methods we offered are not working to solve the screen issue, you may need take your device to Apple Store for a hardware repair. Jul 4, 1: Touch screen unresponsive in Safari More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Touch screen unresponsive in Safari I've had some issues with the touch screen responding while in Safari. I'll touch the URL bar to go to a new site and nothing happens. I cannot scroll, either. Sometimes, when I do get the keyboard to pop up, it doesn't respond, either. I do not have any response issues with the screen in other applications, however, and I was able to quit out of Safari without a problem.

    The problem seemed to resolve itself when I turned the iPad but has occurred since then. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu.