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Pressand then tap Edit. Edit the contact information then: Adding a Number to an Existing Contact1. Enter additional information such as: Email, Address, Date,Group name or tap Add another field to input additionalcategory information. Contact List Options1. The following options display: Choose to show either All contacts or Customize select entriesfrom another account.

Contact Entry Options1. Thisscreen contains Name, contact numbers, email, and linkedcontact information. Pressto reveal the context menu specific to this entry: Marking a Contact as DefaultWhen you use applications such as the Voice Dialer or othermessaging type applications, the application needs to know whichinformation is primary default in a contact entry list. The Mark as default option marks one entry in a contact record touse as the default.

These must be contacts stored on the phone, Google, orExchange. Tap OK to choose all current phone contact entries. Synchronizing ContactsSyncing data from your managed accounts allows you to add andmanage a new or existing contact from your online or remoteaccounts to your phone. Prior to syncing, you must first have anactive Google or Microsoft Exchange account with current Contactentries, and be signed into your account via the phone. With syncing, any Contacts entries with phone numbers, emailaddresses, pictures, etc.

Display OptionsThe Display options menu allows you to allows you to choose whichcontacts to display. You can also choose to display only contacts thathave phone numbers. Once a display filter has been selected, only those Contactentries are shown until the All contacts option is re-selected. Pressand then tap Contacts to display.

Select any of thefollowing to filter according to the selection: Adding more Contacts via Accounts andSyncWhen you synchronize applications such as a corporate emailaccount, Email, or Google, using the Accounts and sync optionsynchronizes the data from the selected account type with yourContacts list. Determine which type of account information you want tosynchronize with your Contact list. Tap an account type to add. Follow the prompts. Contacts must contain and email account and address beforeyou can use the Send email feature.

From the Home screen, tapand select an entry. Locate the Email area of the entry and tap their email address. Select the email account to be used ex: Gmail or Email.

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The select contact must have an email as part of their detailsscreen. Compose the email and tap Send. Pressand then tap Settings. Configure any of thefollowing options: First name or Last name. First name first ex: Steve Smith or Last name first Smith,Steve. The Groups TabThis feature allows you to add a new or existing contact to a callgroup. This group can be one of the already present groups Coworkers, Family, or Friends or a user-created group.

Creating a New Caller Group1. Create new group. Select an account type ex: Google or Corporate. Tap a group entry. Repeat this process to add more members from your currentlist of available Contacts. Tap DONE to store the selected contacts to the group. Removing an Entry From a Caller Group1. Editing a Caller GroupTo edit a Group entry, there must be at least one member as part ofthe selected group.

Make modifications to the Group name field. Tap DONE. Deleting a Caller Group1. Groups tab. Section 7: MessagesThis section describes how to send or receive different types ofmessages. It also explains the features and functionality associatedwith messaging. Types of MessagesYour phone provides the following message types: Message Icons on the Status BarIcons are displayed on the Status Bar at the top of the display whennew messages are received.

During the creation of a text message, adding an image,sound file, or video clip automatically changes it from atext message SMS to a multimedia message MMS. Creating and Sending Messages1. If you exit a message before you send it, it will be automaticallysaved as a draft. Message OptionsOptions before composing a message1. From the Home screen, tap Messaging. Tap Search. Use the on-screen keypad to enter a word orphrase in which to search, then tap. Options while composing a message1. From within an open message, tap Make a Call to callthe target recipient if using a phone number.

In a single motion, touch and scroll up or down the page toscroll through the message if additional pages were added. Message ThreadsSent and received text and picture messages are grouped intomessage threads. Threaded messages allow you to see all themessages exchanged similar to a chat program and displays acontact on the screen. Message threads are listed in the order in which they were received,with the latest message displayed at the top.

To reply to a text message: To access additional Bubble options: Deleting MessagesDeleting a single message thread1. Tap a message from the Messages list. Pressand then tap Delete thread. At the prompt, tap Delete the current message thread or Cancelto end the process. Deleting multiple message threads1. Touch and hold a message from the Messages list until it turnsblue. Tap additional messages to select them for deletion. Deleting multiple message bubbles1. Open a message to reveal the message string. Tap Delete to erase all bubbles or Cancel to exit.

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Message SearchYou can search through your messages by using the MessageSearch feature. Tap Search from the bottom of the screen. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter a word or phrase in which. Choose from: Always, Only when silent, or Never. POP3 is the current standard. IMAP4 is the currentstandard. If prompted, tap Send email from this account by default to setthis new account as the default for all new outgoing email. Follow the on-screen prompts andenter the information specific to your email provider.

Tap Next. At the Account settings screen, select the frequency which thedevice should check for new email on the server and tap Next. Deleting an Internet Email Account1. From the Home screen, tap Email. Opening an Email1. Tap the account name field upper-left to open the completeemail account list page. Composing Email1. Tap Compose. You can add as many messagerecipients as you want. Alter any of the following settings: Lets you create an email signature for your outgoing emailmessages.

Lets you edit the text that you frequently insert whencomposing emails. Assign this account as the default email account usedfor outgoing messages. Lets you remove the currently selected account. Consult your Network or IT Administrator for furtherdetails and support. Tap Exchange from the add new email account screen. When prompted to provide additional detailed informationwithin the Exchange server settings screen, enter an updatedDomain, and confirm your Username and Passwordinformation.

Most often, this option should be enabled. Most often, this option is not required. Confirm thisinformation with your IT Administrator. Identify your new work email account with a unique name Ex: Work , then tap Next. Opening an Exchange Email1. Select an exchange email account and tap an email message. Refreshing Exchange Email1. Select an Exchange email account.

Tap Refresh from the bottom of the screen. Composing Exchange Email1. Tap the Subject field and enter the email subject. Tap the email text field and compose your email message. Once complete, tap Send. Toggle any of the available fields to force the device tomanually resync the parameter. Allows you to download email attachmentsdirectly when a Wi-Fi connection is available and your device isconnected. When you firstsetup the phone, Gmail is configured. Depending on thesynchronization settings, Gmail is automatically synchronized withyour Gmail account.

Signing into Google Mail1. You must sign in to your Gmail account in order to accessfeatures such as Google Mail and Android Market. Tap New if you do not have a Google account. Other Gmail Options1. From the main Gmail screen, tap Labels at the bottom ofthe screen to set up and manage Labels for your Gmailmessages. From the main Gmail screen, tap Search at the bottomof the screen to search through your Gmail messages. Composing a Gmail Message1. From the Gmail Inbox, tap Compose at the bottom ofthe screen to create a new message.

Enter the recipients Email address in the To field. Viewing a Gmail Message1. From the Gmail Inbox, tap a message to view the followingoptions located at the bottom of the screen: Creating an Additional Gmail Account1. If you already have other email account setup: Sign on to your Google account.

Follow any on-screen setup instructions. At the Messenger screen, tapto start a new message. In the upper text field, enter a name, email address, or circle. Section 8: You can take photographs and shoot video by using the built-incamera functionality. Your camera produces photos in JPEG format. Do not take photos of people without their permission.

Do not take photos in places where cameras are notallowed. Phone or MMC.

Pressto return to the Home screen. Tap Camera key until the shutter sounds. The picture isautomatically stored within your designated storage location page If no microSD is installed, all pictures are stored onthe Phone. Camera OptionsOptions are represented by icons across the side of the screen oncethe settings are activated. The following shortcuts are available forthe camera: The options disappear after a few seconds. Camera settings: Storage location: Newimages default to Phone.

Picture size: Restore defaults: Camera key: Pictures and Videos Image Viewer OptionsAfter you take a photo or record a video, you can access variousoptions. Camera Image Options1. From the Home screen, tap Gallery. Select a folder location and tap a file to open it in the Imageviewer. Touch and drag a picture to the left to see the nextpicture or to the right to see the previous picture.

Tap the on-screen image and use either of the following imagemenu options: Assigning an Image as a Contact Photo1. Touch and drag the crop box anywhere on the picture. Touchand drag the sides of the crop box to zoom in or out to create acropped area. Tap CROP to assign the wallpaper image. Editing a PhotoYou can edit your photos using the built-in photo editor applicationon your phone. Using the CamcorderIn addition to taking photos, the camera also doubles as a camcorderthat also allows you to record, view, and send high definition videos.

Tap the Video key to begin shooting video. The red lightwill blink while recording. Tap the Video key again to stop the recording and savethe video file to your Camera folder. Once the file has been saved, tap the image viewer, then tapto play your video for review.

Pressto return to the viewer. Zooming is not supported while recording Full HD video. Video quality: Camcorder settings: Image viewer: Accessing VideosWhen you shoot a video, the file is saved in the Camera folder. Youcan view your videos immediately or view them anytime in theCamera folder. Select a folder location and tap a video icon. Tap the play icon. The GalleryThe Gallery is where you view photos and play back videos. Forphotos, you can also perform basic editing tasks, view a slideshow,set photos as wallpaper or caller image, and share as a picturemessage.

If the phone displays a memory full message when accessingthe Gallery, access Files and remove some of the media filesfrom the folders, and then open the Gallery. The music youchoose is automatically stored in your Google Music library andinstantly ready to play or download. The Music application contains a music player that plays music andother audio files that you copy from your computer. Changing Library ViewYou can change the way you view the contents of your library. While in a selection or screen, tap near the top-left ofthe Application bar or the tab name to back up to the mainMusic App menu.

Available tabs include: The contents of your library display in a scrolling grid or listview, depending on the view. Searching for Music in Your Library1. Changing Music Settings1. From the Home screen, tap Play Music. Play all songs in a random order. Allows access to music only available locally on thedevice. Provides access to the Play Music settings. Displays application help information. While viewing a list of albums, artists, playlists, or genres, tap Options adjacent to the label and tap Play.

The Now playing screen opens and the song you touched or thefirst song in the album or playlist starts to play. The tracks inthe current list play in order until you reach the end of the list unless you choose a repeat option. Otherwise, playback stopsonly if you stop it, even when you switch applications. Tab OptionsThere are various options available from the various tabs: Select one of the following tabs and tapto access anavailable option.

Play, Add to queue, Rename, or Delete. Play, Add to queue, Add to playlist, More by artist, or Shop forartist. Play, Add to queue, Add to playlist, or Shop for artist. From the Now playing screen, pressfollowing options: Applies selected sound effects. Clears the current queue. Save the current queue. Allows you to view information such as Open source licenses,and Music version. Provides on-screen help. When Shuffle mode is enabled via Showoptions, songs play in random order.

Whendisabled as shown , songs play in the orderthey appear in List view. Also visible whenis tapped. Whenenabled, songs play in random order. Alsovisible whenis tapped. Tap to repeat the current song, repeat all songs,or disable repeat mode. Creating a Playlist1. From the Home screen, tapMusic. Adding Songs to Playlists1. Tap an album or song list and play a song. Select the desired target playlist. Playing a Playlist1. Tapnext to a playlist title and tap Play. Deleting a Playlist1. Choose from thousands of movies, including new releases andHD titles in the Play Store and stream them instantly on your Androiddevice.

Movies, previously rented via the Play Store are automatically added toyour My Movies library across your devices. Learn more about Google Play Movies at: When the screen loads you can begin searching and viewingposted videos. Section 9: Applications andDevelopmentThis section contains a description of each application that isavailable in the Applications Menu, its function, and how to navigatethrough that particular application.

If the application is alreadydescribed in another section of this user manual, then a crossreference to that particular section is provided. To open applications quickly, add the icons of frequently-usedapplications to one of the Home screens. ApplicationsThe Applications list provides quick access to all the availableapplications on the device. The browser is fullyoptimized and comes with advanced functionality to enhance theInternet browsing feature on your phone.

CalculatorUsing this feature allows you to use your device as a calculator. CalendarWith the Calendar feature, you can consult the calendar by day,week, or month, create events, and set an alarm to act as areminder. Google Calendar is built into the phone and synchronizesboth new and existing entries between your phone and your onlineGoogle account. From the Home screen, tap Calendar. Tap Sync Calendar to activate the synchronization of calendarevents between your device and the remote exchange server.

Creating a Calendar Event1. Calendar SettingsUsing the Calendar settings you can select the day with which youwant the calendar to begin. Tap Notifications to activate the notification of an upcomingevent. Tap Choose ringtone to assign a ringtone to a calendar eventnotification. Tap Vibrate to activate this notification option. Selections are: Tap Pop-up notification to activate on-screen pop ups to notifyyou of an upcoming event.

Tap Default reminder time and select a reminder time interval. CameraUse your 3. If you have an existing Chrome account, tap Sign in to bringyour open tabs, bookmarks, and omnibox data from yourcomputer to your phone, otherwise tap No thanks. Follow the on-screen instructions to use Google Chrome. ClockHere you can set an Alarm event. From the Home screen, tap Clock. Tap Turn alarm on to activate the alarm event. Tap the Repeat field and touch the number of times you wantthis alarm to repeat.

Monday - Sunday. DownloadsProvides quick access to tabs containing a list of your currentdownloaded files Internet and Other.

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Tap an available file. EmailEmail enables you to review and create email using most emailservices. The device alerts you when you receive an email message. GmailGoogle Mail Gmail is a web-based email service. Gmail isconfigured when you first set up your phone. Depending on yoursynchronization settings, Gmail can automatically synchronize withyour Gmail account on the web. LatitudeGoogle Latitude allows you and your friends share locations andstatus messages with each other. You must sign in to your Google account, enable Wi-Fi or connect to Mobile network , and enable the Locationfeature before you can use this application.

Sharing your Location with Friends1. At first, onlyyour name is displayed. Tap Select from Contacts or Add via email address. When viewing an area you can quickly locatea business or person, find out more information about the business,see coupons, public responses, and more. Tap Search and then use the Search Maps field tomanually enter a desired place or choose from among thevarious categories. Matches are filtered by those closest toyour current location.

MapsGoogle Maps allow you to track your current location, view real-timetraffic issues, and view detailed destination directions. There is alsoa search tool included to help you locate places of interest or aspecific address. You can view locations on a vector or aerial map, oryou can view locations at the street level. The Maps application doesnot cover every country or city.

Enabling this feature allows you to locate places ofinterest at the street-level. However, this also requires a clearview of the sky and uses more battery power. Opening Maps1. From the Home screen, tap Maps. Each color represents how fastthe traffic is moving. Maps uses the same satellite data as Google Earth. Satelliteimages are not real-time.

Google Earth acquires the best imageryavailable, most of which is approximately one to three years old. They may change, break or disappear at any time. Click ona Lab to enable or disable it. MessengerMessenger allows you to bring groups of friends together into asimple group conversation. Read the on-screen disclaimer regarding the current releasestatus of the Navigation app and tap Accept. Enabling GPS Location1. Enter the street addressand tap Save. Navigation Map optionsOnce on the map screen, you can access the following features: Speak your destination instead of typing. See previous description.

Play BooksFormerly known as Google Books, this application allows you to readover 3 million ebooks on the go.

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Build your ebooks library in the cloud with Play Books: Personalize the reader to your liking, pick up reading where you leftoff on your phone or computer, and settle down with a great book onyour Android phone! If prompted, tap Turn sync on. Play MusicAlso known as Google Music, allows you to browse, shop, andplayback songs purchased from the Android Market. Downloading a New Google ApplicationTo download a new application, you will need to use your Googleaccount to sign in to the Play Store.

The home page provides severalways to find applications. The home page features applications andincludes a list of item applications by category, a list of games, a linkto search, and a link to My apps. Browse through the categories, find an application you'reinterested in, and tap the name. Check the progress of the current download by opening theappearsNotifications panel. The content download iconin the notification area of the status bar. On the main Play Store screen, pressand then tapMy Apps, tap an installed application in the list, and then tapOpen.

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Unknown sourcesThis feature can be used for Android application development. Thefeature allows developers to install non-Play Store applications. Unknown sources displays a check mark to indicate it isactive. If Unknown sources is disabled, those applications without acertificate will not be allowed to download to your device. Manage applicationsThis feature allows you to manage and remove installedapplications. Uninstalling third-party applicationsYou can uninstall any application you downloaded and installed fromthe Play Store.

Tap the third-party application, and from the Application infoscreen, tap Uninstall. SettingsThis icon navigates to the sound and phone settings for your phone. It includes such settings as: TalkYou can instant message with Google Talk. To configure YouTube Settings: Read the data usageinformation and tap OK to accept the terms. Section ConnectionsYour phone is equipped with features that allow you to quicklyconnect to the web.

BrowserYour device is equipped with a Google browser to navigate themobile web. This section explains how to navigate the browser anduse the basic features. Accessing the InternetTo access the Browser: Search the InternetTo perform an Internet search using keywords: From the homepage, tap Search. Select a search provider and enter the keyword s to searchusing the on-screen keypad and tap GO. You must first present any claim or dispute to TracFone Wireless by contacting Customer Care to allow an opportunity to resolve the dispute prior to initiating arbitration.

This section outlines the safety precautions associated with using your phone. Read this information before knowledge. The FCC has the act of driving becomes impaired. Samsung is committed to promoting responsible driving and granted an Equipment Authorization for this mobile device with all reported SAR levels evaluated as in giving drivers the tools they need to understand and address distractions.

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If the mobile device is not on, switch it on. Key in the emergency number for your present location for example, or other official applications. Doing so may cause an electric shock to you or damage or if the person sitting next to you can hear what you are listening to. Using Your Mobile Device Near Other Electronic Devices below deck on boats, chemical transfer or storage facilities, vehicles using liquefied petroleum gas Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from Radio Frequency RF signals.

However, certain such as propane or butane , areas where the air contains chemicals or particles, such as grain, dust, or electronic equipment may not be shielded against the RF signals from your wireless mobile device. For a copy of this standard, contact the National Fire between you either an individual or a single entity and Samsung Electronics Co.

Samsung Electronics Co. You agree that Samsung Electronics Co. Since Samsung Electronics Co. You may opt out of this dispute resolution procedure by providing notice to Samsung Electronics Co. To opt out, you must send notice by e-mail to optout sta. Page of 35 Go. Remove all protectors from the screen and other locations.

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You will not be able to. Si necesita ayuda, consulte el interior de. Insert the battery so that the metal bars on the battery are. Visite TracFone. Visit TracFone. To get the most out of your battery life,. To begin your Activation, go to TracFone. You will need the Serial Number.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Previous page. Next page. Page 3: Page 4: Page 5: Set Up Your Tracfone Account 1. You also will find other information such as the included accessories that you will find inside the box, the complete software specification and so on. What you need to remember is that the whole information and guide that is available in this manual are based on default setting and it is very possible that it vary from the device you have it right now. Despite some minor difference that may occur from one device to another, this manual has covered it all in general form.

Read carefully and you will be able to know more about your device and it will help you to use its potential for your need. This user manual guide is provided by Tracfone and you will download from their server.