Install whatsapp on android tablet wifi only no root

There are two choices you can make. Here's everything you need to know. Not only is it great to use, but it's also free as in open source, so that it can be modified I went with the latter approach. Thing is, some apps require Google Play Services to run. This means doing without some excellent third-party apps like Pushbullet.

You Can Use WhatsApp Without SIM Card on Your Tablet [4 Simple Steps]

My solution ended up being to exclusively use software I could find in F-Droid. Basically, you should be fine until you start hunting around for APKs on the web. Well, take a moment to go to the Google Play services Play Store page and view the list of required permissions. You may not have done this before since the background service comes pre-installed on most devices and generally only draws attention to itself when it crashes.

This is no shameful secret or anything. You can visit the Google Developers site to see how Google Play services are intended to integrate with Android and Android apps. Most of those permissions are likely in place to enable this integration. You still have the option to sign into Google sites in your mobile browser the same way you would from a PC.

We have surrendered a great deal of personal information to smartphone makers, but this is hardly a story unique to Android, or iOS for that matter. There are many ways to cope with this new reality, but as we see at the beginning of every EULA agreement, you either accept things as they are or you opt out.

As far as tech giants go, I like the company. Even without the Play Store, Android as a whole is predominantly a Google project. But Android devices and Chromebooks too are based on Linux, and this gives an open source guy like myself the freedom to make these sort of adjustments. It gives privacy-minded users the option to take a bit more control over their devices. It gives us all the capability to opt out without having to throw away our phones. Let us know down in the comments! Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. I've been doing exactly what you have described for about five years.

Now using LineageOS. Am having a problem just recently though where some services require 2FA using the Google Authenticator App, which seems to require Google Play Services on the phone to use. Another great source of open-source apps is http: You talked, and talked, but I can't find the steps on how to remove this f I want to remove, all apps from google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, youtube, Microsoft, etc I use my phone for taking pictures, answering or calling friends, and for texting.

Is there a phone on the market that does that only? Is there a store that people can go and pay to have all that crap removed from their phones? You told us the problem but did not suggest a real clue to get them removed, or a place to bring your phone where they can be removed. I bought a Samsung Note 8, and in the store the salesman set up the phone.

After leaving the store I went through the Note 8's settings and saw that some of Googles Apps would not allow me to turn off their access to my private information. I began to remove everything that was google related but could not remove a few apps. The phone would not go past the Agreements without accepting them. It could not be used. I'm not against the employees or lower management of the company and many of the products are great, but it has been fundamental to survival and freedom of choice to protect against exploitation of vulnerabilities.

Gathering and assembling seemingly innocent data over a long period of time is exactly gathering and collecting vulnerabilities. Google forces everyone using an android to agree that Google can legally collect, store, and aggregate their data and sell or exploit it. It might appear to be harmless to the naive, but the naive does not understand how it is used. Here in the USA, we have not seen how data is used against a population to manipulate it.

Europe has seen it, and much of the world is still being exploited through the use of it. Google is large company that profits by selling data. Thus, I returned the phone. This wa an excellent article. Is there someone out there that can perform these services since don't know how? Is there a shop that will do this? I'm not a big app user, so I don't need or want most of this crap. Hi Bertel King, Thanks for article.

Is there a way to do hands-free phone dialing without google? I purchased a Moto 4g a few years ago and it came with a Moto provided app that let me make hands-free voice call in my car without being connected to google. I have used other phones more recently Sony Z5, Nexus and I can not find a way to have hands-free without a connection to google. Is there a solution? This is thee most honest and clear article on the subject of deceitful business practices that I have read. Information gathering stealing is now the norm and our government doesn't even know the right questions to ask.

If the same tactics were practiced by a bank or a burglar they would be treated as they should be. We will pay the ultimate price some day for giving up not only all of our personal information, but information categorized in a way only a super computer company like Google could attain. Even today, they have the technology to take anything and everything from each and every one of us.

Your article is very factual, but almost delivered with the fear of retaliation from the big "G". Thank you, Vincent. Thanks Bertel King, Jr. I learned a lot from your article and from the many comments I to would like to sever all ties with them but on a Android phone that's almost impossible, but I try anyway! Here's a few things I have done to break away as much as I can:: Great article.

I was inspired by the predecessor article to this one that was written some time ago. I rooted my phone and used Titanium Backup to completely uninstall all things Google from my Moto G4 on stock Nougat 7. Note that the only way to actually uninstall Google apps and services is to root the device.

The phone works great, no bloat churning in the background means ultra-responsiveness, the battery lasts at least twice as long and I'm not giving all my personal data to Google to sell to the highest bidder. I just learned Google tracks you down to the second even if your phone is set to Airplane mode or you remove the sim card! Big Brother??? Dear Bertel, it would be inappropriate on my part to not comment sincerely after understanding the overall thought process presented here by you.

Indeed, Google and other tech giants are using our identity and We must do what we can to defend our freedom. This "help" to get rid of Google Play - which has invaded my email with something I never asked for in the first place - was some twenty- page scroll of services I want. I want a cheap smartphone with a good camera, and I don't want to sign in to google or anything else. The camera has to be in the middle, not by the edge.

I only care about one app, and I don't need google to get it. Other than that, I just want the usual stuff: Any suggestions about what phone I should get? I have hesitated leaving Nokia N8 because of Android links to Google where I have no accounts, and wish to use my choices of browsers, navigation, etc as per a mobile PC where I fail to recognise the value of most APPs, except perhaps for spreading social hysteria!

How to Set Up WhatsApp on Your Nexus 7 Tablet—Without Rooting « Nexus 7 :: Gadget Hacks

I have basically done this on the BlackBerry priv. There is no root but you can disable instead. Not optimal but a good trade off for this rendition of Android. Coming from BlackBerry 7 and 10 I wasn't accustomed to all the nosyness and intrusion just so icould have convenience.

Most BlackBerry apps were Cheap. Certainly cheaper than giving a company unfettered access. At your recommendation I only use duckduckgo. For apps I just re-activate google play, gpservices etc, log in and buy an app and re-disable. Only reason I have Gmail at all. Nowadays, Signal can be used just fine without any connection to Google or their Play Store. It's working very well on my Blackphone.

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Be careful and check the checksums match the official release, you are installing via an insecure method. No ads or spying code, and it's even free for twitter lovers. You can only make a living if you "implant" google ads, analytics, tags or pay them a fortune. You should make your app available on f-droid, that is the crowd that craves these features and there are not enough good notes apps on f-droid.

My mobile keeps asking me to update Google Play Services and I go through as far as the permissions window but then always abort because it's asking me to sign my life away to them and I do not give google permission to access my phone whenever they want, or leave turn it on and off when they want, or to access my contacts etc I tried to uninstall but it won't let me. I turned off notifications but it still pops up telling me I need to update.

I'm bloody sick of it.


Thank you for this! I thought I was the only one! I love podcasts and privacy and I hate being treated as a lab rat by large corporations? I always try to avoid google. I avoid chrome, google search etc.. But i still use gmail, maps. I will change that, probably with proton mail,they are awesome. For job mostly i basically depend on social media and my gmail account but at least i don't have my personal data online, expect name i think. I recommend flashing some open source custom rom, most of them will be google free.

I can't without many apps but i can change their unnecessarily permissions. Biggest problem is in google service, it won't work if you change permissions so that is that.

Why Shouldn’t You Go Google-Free?

They are forcing you to give them data. They force all companies like samsung etc. I thought it was a good article. I got a free government phone from the Lifeline program. I can't root the phone to uninstall any Google bloatware or move apps to an sd card to save on the tiny space or use an sd card for a swap file to get more out of my ram - all very reasonable request. The phone uses Google products for Everything. I have no doubt everything I say and do on the phone is being recorded by someone. But hey.. Because it's a government program, shouldn't I have the freedom to use my device as I want?

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I do use google voice because I use the free phone number to give me a wifi phone so I don't have to use my cell plan minutes. I can replace this with Talkatone but they will push ad's and I need an ad free phone experience. There is an open source project to replace G. Services called Micro G GmsCore. I'm using it. Everything work but it depend on roms, apps and settings:. Nice text! If I don't install G. Services, I don't get notifications from different messengers while I don't open them and it's annoying do it manually several times al hour. If there is not a solution, I guess that I'll use the g.

Unfortunately, many apps use Google Play services to deliver notifications and don't offer a workaround. By Sneha. Tuesday, November 8, , 8: Allow Notifications. You have already subscribed.

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Read More About: Not Now Enable. Notification Settings X Time Settings. Clear My notification inbox. Clear Notification X Do you want to clear all the notifications from your inbox? Yes No. Settings X. Now every time I try to start it, it crashes. I would try uninstalling and restarting. At least now you already have your phony number to easily do it again. It sends an sms, I receive the sms but there's nowhere for me to type it in and the whats app doesnt automatically detect it either So tried the call version but I dont receive any calls either: Any tips?

So you're on step 4, correct? Also, go into text plus and tap on your phone number, you should be able to change once and pick location. Everything works validation is good, however I'm from the UK and my friends cannot add me on whatsapp due to having an american number and the choices of changing location are only other US States: Hello, I am not able to download whatsapp at all. In playstore, it simply says "This version is not compatible with this device". Please help.

That is why I have provided an APK. The Play Store will not allow your Nexus 7 tablet to download it, so to do so, you must click the APK link in the article above. Let me know if this works. How to make WhatsApp work on second user of nexus 7 ? Please I need serious answers and solutions. It won't work on the second user but would work on the primary user. That's highly lame. I am having nexus 7 which is running with 4. I was using whatsapp on my nexus 7 using my textplus generated number.

But now after re-installling whatsapp is not able to complete the sms verification process! It says sms verification failed an to try the voice verification which doesn't work either btw: Did you use a newer version of WhatsApp? It may be an update that prevents this from being possible now. I will have to try it out again. I'd used the link provided in the article, it's of a newer version I think and it's still not working.

I have gone through the process in its entirety but the final step of verification is pending. When I am trying to get the access code via voice call, the error I am getting is that "the call could not be made" and therefore need suggestion what to do. I am having a problem with using textplus because i live in south africa and a can't generate a south african number so whatsapp cant verify my number. Any ideas? Go under contact info, tap on your number, and see if you can change it there.

I am not able to execute step no. I have downloaded the apk file Followed all the steps and I'm stuck on entering number on what's up for verification I just need some clarification. So you put in the number and what message does it give you? Also, what number are you using? Is it a US number?

Yes u. Im currently running android 5. When i press install, a pop up shows up saying 'error parsing package'.. Please help me out! Try this file instead: I installed textPLus, got a number and was informed that number was banned!