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Background and themes. Taking a screenshot.

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Recording your screen. Icons in the status bar. Applications overview. Battery and maintenance Charging your device. Battery and power management. Updating your device. Maintenance using a computer. Storage and memory. Backing up and restoring content. Downloading applications from other sources. Internet and networks Browsing the web. Internet and MMS settings.

Sharing your mobile data connection. Controlling data usage. Selecting mobile networks. Virtual private networks VPNs. Synchronising data on your device Synchronising with online accounts. Basic settings Accessing settings. Volume settings. Do not disturb mode. Screen settings. Application settings. Resetting your applications. Screen saver. Language settings. Date and time. Super-vivid mode. Enhancing the sound output. Noise cancellation. Multiple user accounts.

Sony Xperia Z5 review

Typing text On-screen keyboard. Entering text using voice input.

Editing text. Personalising the on-screen keyboard.

Login/account box

Calling Making calls. Receiving calls. Smart call handling. Ongoing calls.

Sony Xperia Z - Internet - Teil 3

Using the call log. Forwarding calls. Restricting calls. Multiple calls.

Stock web browser!? | Sony Xperia Z1

Conference calls. Emergency calls. Contacts Searching and viewing contacts. Adding and editing contacts. Transferring contacts. Adding medical and emergency contact information. Sending contact information. Avoiding duplicate entries in the Contacts application.


Backing up contacts. Messaging and chat Reading and sending messages. Embedding the hardware inside the power bottom is arguably the most convenient implementation of the technology to date and Sony's take works pretty good. It is quick and accurate, you can really simply set it up and then forget it is there, which is the ultimate goal. Security settings and the new fingerprint reader. The Xperia Lounge is a sort of custom-tailored deal and promotion aggregator. It gives users the opportunity to participate in various Sony promotions and win prizes.

Another interesting little feature is the Movie Creator. Its name is pretty much says it all. It has a really nifty "Best Moments" feature that endeavors to create a highlights-only version form a given video. The Xperia Z5 is also fully equipped as a PlayStation sidekick with access to the PS Network, store and even remote connection to your console and access to its multimedia - movies and music. The way Sony implemented said features is a little odd and does beg the question why you really need to go through two levels of icons, just to launch Spotify, but the PS integration seems to still be in a state of transition and things will hopefully get ironed out soon.

PlayStation Network apps. Another novelty is Sony's Lifelog app. It is an all-in-one hub for tracking your activity, daily routine, sleep cycle and more. Generally, if it involves moving, Lifelog endeavors to log it. It is a splendid addition and works pretty well. Sony Lifelog. Offline maps are available, again, since the last update, so you can save some data traffic too. Huawei Mate 20 review. Email Setting up email. Sending and receiving email messages.

Organising your email messages. Email account settings. Music Transferring music to your device. Music home screen menu. Sharing music. Enhancing the sound. FM radio Listening to the radio. Favourite radio channels. Sound settings. Camera Taking photos and recording videos. Face detection. Adding the geographical position to your photos. General camera settings. Still camera settings. Video camera settings. Photos and videos in Album Viewing photos and videos. Sharing and managing photos and videos. Editing photos with the Photo editor application. Editing videos with the Movie Creator application.

Hiding photos and videos.

Album home screen menu. Viewing your photos on a map. Videos Watching videos in the Video application. Transferring video content to your device. Managing video content. Movie Creator. Connectivity Mirroring the screen of your device on a TV using a cable. Mirroring the screen of your device wirelessly on a TV. Connecting your device to USB accessories. One-touch setup. Using your device as a wallet.

Travel and maps Using location services. Using data traffic when travelling. Using your device with a car infotainment system. Airplane mode. Calendar and alarm clock Calendar. Alarm and clock. Accessibility Magnification gestures. Large text.

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Colour correction. Simple Home screen. Hearing aid compatibility. TTY Teletypewriter mode. Slow talk. Support and maintenance Support for your device. Computer tools. Updating your device. Finding a lost device. Finding the identification number of your device.