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For a re-release, the game holds up well to other mobile games but not current console titles. If you played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City previously, there is not going to be many surprises; but the smaller enhancements create a better representation of the game world.

As a sandbox game , you are given freedom to do anything you want. Progressing through the missions opens up new areas in Vice City as well as giving you the ability to purchase better weapons. The game contains the same story as the original and includes the many hours of voiceover work that makes Grand Theft Auto: Vice City feel alive.

Missions are not linear so you can take them in any order you choose, but Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's storyline will only open a few missions at a time so eventually you will have to complete all the missions for a specific plot before moving on. But you can always take a break and just drive around Vice City. Vice City's controls lack the precision of a physical controller. While they are more fine-tuned than Grand Theft Auto III, using a virtual joystick is still unreliable and on-screen buttons for various controls takes time to get used to.

One of the problems is that the buttons are so close together, you may end up running instead of attacking.

Grand Theft Auto III

On-foot sections for travel work well, but in combat, it is one of the most frustrating parts of the game. You can tap on a person to manually lock or the game will lock on the closest person. But when you are trying to aim for an object in the environment, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City struggles to understand what you're aiming at.

Driving also has the same problem.

Watch the Official Launch Trailer:

Most of the time, it feels like you are driving on ice in any car. You slide around and hitting other cars and spinning out, even when you are driving slowly.

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Handling is loose and taking sharp turns is impossible. Motorcycles actually perform better in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but you are a lot more vulnerable to attack. Even though the content of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is still amazing, the controls make everything frustrating and more difficult than necessary. Vice City has an amazing amount of professional voice acting and features the same huge library of music from the 80s along with Rockstar's hilarious radio ads.

The characters are memorable because so many of the voice actors bring their best to animate the characters in the game. Music plays a big part in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and the huge number of songs differ depending on the radio station you are listening to. On iOS, you can use custom iTunes playlists to play your own music. Secondary sounds like minor characters speech or environmental noise are present, making each moment in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City a memorable experience. Vice City is an amazing game for mobile.

Como Instalar `Grand Theft Auto III` No Android (2.3.6 GALAXY Y) [Galaxy Picket] ( 2017 )

It brings the original game back from and presents it in its entirety, complete with better graphics, great music, and professional voice acting. All of that comes at a cost though because the game is extremely large. With a download around 1 GB, you will need a newer device to play the game. The content of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is amazing, but the game is still held back by the unreliable controls that frustrate. Vice City is a must-have for fans of the series, but its controls let it down.

Fixed crash experienced by some Samsung Galaxy S2 users after the latest firmware update Various bug fixes. Just found the review, oldie but goldie, just love it! One of Android strength lies in its ability to multi task, so listening to your favorite Music app while playing any game is possible.

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Some of you may be shaking your head in unison and asking yourself, why go the extreme lengths? Xda member Tipsek has released a tutorial for players to add their favorite soundtrack. The following instruction is pulled directly from the thread and may be a bit lengthy and complicated, so take the time to read and follow directions:. All radio stations are actually 1 recording, which includes commercials, songs, etc. So for each radio station there is 1 audio file.

What you can do is either replace the radio station with 1 song, edit the existing radio station or combine more songs into 1 file and use that. Here is how you do it. Connect your phone via USB, navigate to this path: When you find the folder, copy the following files to your computer: Once you have those 9 files on your computer just copy them in a folder for backup. That way, if you screw something up OR wish the original radio stations back you can.

Play one of the classic sandbox Grand Theft Auto games

Replace 1 radio station with 1 song. In game, select game fm radio station to listen to your coolsong! Replace 1 radio station with multiple songs. Similar to replacing 1 song. Only here, you use some audio joining software to merge multiple songs in 1 file. In game, select game fm radio station to listen to your mergedsongs! You can also edit cut out, add, etc the existing radio stations. Rename GAME. In game, select game fm radio station to listen to your creation! Cheats are a staple to the Grand Theft Auto franchise that every game in the franchise still ships with them.

When I tire of missions and driving, doing a quick combination of health, weapon and armor cheats allows me to go on a rampage. However with the lack of hardware buttons and new control scheme it seems as if Rockstar has left the cheat codes when porting the game for the mobile serving.


Another XDA member Xelasarg found that the cheats still exist in game albeit with a few modifications. Configure GameKeyboard, set it as default input method 3. If you have a spare PS3 lying around this allows you to map the onscreen controls to your Sixaxis and DualShock 3 buttons.

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Now you can run over that gang member with precise control. Another XDA member Jameslepable posted the following painless instructions including his touch profile for easy installation. Hint use screenshot images in sixaxis controller settings to see whether they match. On foot controls: In Car Controls: There you have it! Be sure to read our review and Happy gaming! Copyright Droid Gamers Inc. Mods and cheat codes! On Jan 31, XDA Thread 2. Real GTA3- New Weapons, locale and Vehicles If driving over pedestrians with a souped up Lamborghini or a Dodge Viper then heading to your nearest golden arches for some fries and ending the night of terror by visiting the Statue of Liberty sounds fun, you should check yourself into the nearest hospital, because you may have an issue.

Speed fiends will squeal in delight to find that all their favorite sports cars are available to jack, crash and ride all around the virtual New York: Sports cars: Other additions include: