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You should do some research before stating such crap, bro! I have done my research!! Can you illuminate us as to what the king of DSLR is?

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Here is the web address of the canon EOS series. Have you even seen the shots taken by Nokia PureView?!! Do you even know what you are talking about?!! I don't know how you mesured this to be 9. Maybe you can illuminate the world on that too!! It is not pentaband, though, so you have to get the special version for T-Mobile in the US if you subscribe to that carrier, for example.

You forgot to mention 3.

Nokia 925 vs iPhone 4s

Wait till Pureview comes on WP8. If you want the best camera, buy a camera. If you one one of the best cell phones money can buy with a great camera for a phone, get the SGS3. I'm sorry but other than its camera this phone is crap. Needs WM OS at least. Want to comment? Please login or register.

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Review index. Share Tweet Share. If you are considering those two for one reason or another, we are pitting both devices against each other to see what's what and help you choose. Read on our quick comparison to find out The Samsung Galaxy S III is undoubtedly a leap forward in chassis design, considering the internals it sports and the huge display it is accommodating.

The compact body that is less than 9mm thin makes the Nokia PureView look like, well, we'll say it again, Quasimodo in comparison. Not only does it have a large hump on top of the 14mm thick body, but the bar underneath the screen where the navigational keys are, and the coarse plastic of the body make it look like any of the army of Symbian handsets of years past. We take a look at what's different about the phone, what's the same all in an attempt to answer the question of whether it's worth upgrading to or not.

Thanks to the camera, design and screen the Lumia could well be afive-star product, however the inclusion of Windows Phone 8 does dampen the mood slightly due to the fact that while the app situation is improving the operating system itself is in need of some innovation. Nokia Lumia The best Windows Phone yet Kaynak: Were it not for the bizarre decision to remove wireless charging and downgrade its storage capacity to 16GB we'd have given it V3's hallowed five-star rating. But the new lighter, easier to handle design certainly is.

Not only that but six months on from our Lumia review and the Windows Phone 8 store is now much stronger in terms of its app line-up, so many of those crucial gaps, which might once have made app addicts waver, are being taken care of. The design may have lost some of the colorful whimsy of its Lumia cousin, but it has gained even better build quality, premium hand-feel, and handsome looks. Lots of changes, but not much difference Kaynak: In fact, the Lumia feels like a Windows Phone pitched at people who think they're going to buy an Android phone next.

The colors and design are more understated; the hardware is thinner and lighter, and arguably just as impressive as the HTC One or the iPhone. The megapixel camera really makes this phone stand out and is a major reason to buy it over any other smartphone. As it is now been superseeded by newer, shinier things you can also pick the Lumia up on the cheap.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom vs. Nokia Lumia vs. Sony QX 10 camera comparison Kaynak: The other images use the front-facing cameras which are significantly smaller and not as good. You could use the rear camera but it's harder that way. Given how the prices of other Lumias have dropped drastically, we predict a similar price drop heading for the as well in order to make room for the newer phones, expected next year. Thus they made the Camera Grip for the said phone and we didn't wait too long to bring these two friends together.

Are they made for each other or is Nokia just perpetuating a relationship that just doesn't exist? Not just the great optics, but Nokia has done an excellent job with the camera software. Apart from that, it flaunts an excellent screen, great sound quality, sturdy construction, and a bunch of productivity apps including Microsoft Office suite. On the other hand, there are a few annoyances such as three seconds of shot-to-shot time and relatively low count of games. All in all, the is a premium smartphone with an extraordinary camera that fits in your pocket.

What is somewhat of a bomb feature about the phone is the PureView camera, which is sluggish despite the 2GB of RAM, but does take good photos. Regardless, if you're a stickler for image quality and want a good, slim, powerful camera in your pockets, then the Nokia Lumia should be your number one consideration, at least as far as phones go.

An amazing camera bolted on to year-old smartphone Kaynak: However, it's expensive for what is essentially a now out-of-date Lumia with a better snapper. Poor battery life and a lack of good apps for the OS put us off significantly. It's by a comfortable distance the most impressive cameraphone ever made. Lumia video review - 41Mp camera phone has striking design, but is expensive with poor battery life Kaynak: Even better, unlike its predecessor the Pureview, the also stands up as pretty decent phone in its own right, with the slew of Nokia innovations doing a stellar job of showcasing all the positive points of Windows Phone.

Apps like Instagram, Snapseed and Vine would be terrific additions to Windows Phone 8, and it would really help this camera shine. But with the lack or slow development of those types of apps, there is more incentive to go with Android or iOS. We would recommend this phone for those who don't spend too much time in apps, and find themselves messaging and e-mailing and browsing the web more than playing around in apps. Nokia Lumia Smartphone Kaynak: The bigger issue, of course, is that no Lumia is able to overcome Microsoft's ecosystem hurdle.

Perhaps Nokia will surprise us and launch it for less in the UK, but we reckon that's highly unlikely. That will leave the much more affordable Lumia as the Windows Phone of choice for most people looking to inject live-tile loveliness into their smartphone life. For the camera geek elite, though, the Lumia is well worth the stretch. Not only is it competing against heavyweights such as the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5, but it is also fighting against the stigma surrounding the Windows Phone OS. The Nokia Lumia marries an amazing camera to year-old hardware Kaynak: It's so good that you'll never need a point-and-shoot camera, and even entry-level DSLR owners may find they're schlepping them around less.

Hands-on Kaynak: It's preposterously high megapixel count and the tech packed inside the fairly svelte frame is a marvel but is it enough to tempt Android and iPhone 5 user away from their current handsets? Finally, it's here. Now that we've had the opportunity to use the device, we can confidently say that the Lumia is the best Windows Phone device to date. The size of the phone, although considerably improved over the , is still more of a pocket-filler than the flagships running iOS and Android, and while the PureView system itself is impressive, not everybody needs the flexibility that it offers.

Stomach the intermittent pauses and the PureView camera system is incredible, but everyday users convinced by Windows Phone might find the Lumia offers a better balance of optics, usability, and design. Foto Magazin - Heft Nr. Smartphone mit Megapixel-Kamera Kaynak: No matter if entry-level or high-end smartphone - Nokia always has the right model in its Lumia series. The newest member of the family is the Lumia If you want to purchase a device under 20k running the Windows Phone OS, the Lumia is a better package deal.

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If a large screen device is what you want, you have smartphones such as the Canvas Doodle 2, Xolo QS and more at your disposal. Pick up the Lumia if you're specifically looking for a large-screened WP smartphone.


If you're looking for a 4G capable smartphone on a budget then this is a great buy. It has good build and performance but has limited internal storage and a mediocre camera. Quality budget 4G phone But until the networks step up and offer 4G on a budget, it's going to be in that curious spot. But right now, the consumer proposition is this: We feel this is an expensive price for the phone especially since all you're getting is a larger screen, without any increase in resolution and important features which have been sacrificed.

We would recommend the Lumia over the any day for its better display, NFC, better front and rear camera - all of this in a lighter and much more compact body. There's even support for wireless charging for those who want to get the most out of their Lumia device. Nokia Lumia review Kaynak: Well, yes. We get what the company was trying to achieve with the Lumia In that respect, mission accomplished. We can't help but feel, though, that Nokia hasn't quite nailed the niche that it set out to, leaving space for a similar budget offering that's LTE-capable, and better executed.

The qualms with Windows Phone 8 are still lingering, though this could easily be sorted with a few high profile app release. We can even forgive the middling, low-res screen just because the device is priced at the low-end of the market. This, combined with the fact that Nokia only recently released the even more affordable and mid-tier means we can't really see the enticing too many new users to the Windows Phone ecosystem. Still for those on a shoestring budget looking for a big screen 4G smartphone, it remains a solid option.

Test ediyoruz. While it might not have the large sensor of the Lumia , its camera is still hugely impressive, producing shots that are good enough to lay your compact cam to rest. Its huge 6in screen is superbly bright and clear, even in daylight, and Windows Phone 8 runs faster than a jetpack-wearing cheetah.

It is super fast and has a great battery life. It also has an amazing screen, however, sized at a massive 6-inch, it isn't for everyone and I highly recommend you play with one at a store to see how comfortable you are. Had Nokia fused this hardware with a 4. But, the current screen size is not everyone's cup of tea.

So if you're looking for a Windows Phone, the Lumia and are better options, unless you give too much importance to specs. For "phablet" lovers, it's going to be a tough call between the and Note 3. We believe that if the built quality and camera are you priorities, go for the On the other hand, if you like the idea of using stylus, the Note 3 is the way to go.

The best Lumia yet needs very deep pockets Kaynak: It has great aesthetics, a solid spec sheet and some very cool apps from Nokia. The best Lumia yet needs really deep pockets Kaynak: If you only look at a specific aspect, like imaging for instance, then these phones are easily the best in the market. But as an overall package, the Android offerings are simply better.

A 5-inch handset with the same internals could well be a killer Windows Phone. Nokia is the only manufacturer truly committed to Windows Phone, and with its acquisition by Microsoft now complete, it's unlikely that any other company will bother developing such a device. The Lumia retails for roughly the same street price as the Lumia , and both could be described as flagships of the line, depending on your priorities.

The 's camera is simply unbeatable, and is the only thing keeping the from dominating the specifications charts in every category. However, the 's screen and nearly all its internal components are a generation ahead of the 's. So this is easily the most powerful Windows Phone we've ever used, but does that make it a great phone?

We're hesitant to make a recommendation. If you love giant phones, there are quite a few Android options with screens and hardware that match the Lumia , and they have the benefit of better optimised software and a far more substantial library of apps. If you love Windows Phone, there are cheaper options. The Lumia does stand out when it comes to its camera and looks, but you'd have to be pretty passionate about either of those things to spend close to Rs.

However, if you're not set on a particular operating system, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 remains a more versatile handset with a larger selection of apps in the Google Play store. Nokia Lumia review - Windows phablet has top build quality, great camera and good looking screen Kaynak: With a 6in screen the handset has one inch on most flagship smartphone and is only the same amount smaller than tablets like the Nexus 7 and Tesco Hudl.

The 15 best phones you can buy in Yet, it just doesn't use the full potential of having 6 inches of screen to play with - making everything bigger is simply not a solution. We'd have loved to see a stylus, or something unique that you wouldn't get on a regular-sized device, but, sadly, nothing like that is here.

Windows Phone gets better and bigger Kaynak: It's the best Windows Phone yet but software is still lacking and we just wish the darn thing was smaller because it's severely off putting. Amazing camera with a bunch of dedicated apps. Outstanding audio recording. Bright, vivid screen makes for a nice outdoor viewing experience. Slightly bigger than other 6-inch screen phablets. Polycarbonate body feels cheap. At all. A really, really big Windows Phone Kaynak: The Lumia has seen Nokia jump ahead in terms of screen real-estate, and the display itself is a real winner.

Give it some time, though, and other devices will catch up, leaving the key reason to opt for the 6-inch Nokia being its vast screen. Some will consider that reason enough to buy, but anybody hoping for the flexibility of a true phablet may discover the Lumia is simply a bigger version of handsets that came before it, not necessarily a better one. Its size accounts for most of that, as it's large even by 'large phone' standards and heavier than some people will tolerate. The camera isn't a total success, either, despite the very good image quality. We still wish Nokia would figure out how to make their line of Lumia devices charge within a reasonable amount of time as well as not be so difficult to grip when attempting to type on their devices, but this is certainly areas that we could learn to live with considering just how much goodness the Lumia offers.

Nokia Lumia review: So how does Nokia look when its flagship smartphone has all of the latest and greatest hardware? Pretty darn good. The Lumia has a beautiful p display, fast Snapdragon processor and some of Espoo's best imaging software to go along with a megapixel camera.

Nokia Lumia vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comparison review: However, on the other hand, the fact that the Note 3 runs Android is a big advantage over the Lumia which runs Windows Phone 8. Both phablets have good cameras, but each has different strengths and weaknesses. With very similar processors, neither will disappoint when it comes to performance.

Nokia 103 Video Recording Videos

In a market of super-sized, super-speced smartphones, the Nokia Lumia has brought the Finnish manufacturer back into the race. While we require more time with the device before we can pass final judgement, on first impressions we are highly impressed with this 6-inch beast and look forward to spending more time with the device shortly.

Hands on: Made something that we can't criticise from the spec sheet alone? The answer has to be yes: The extra apps are standard fare from the firm: Das erste Phablet mit Windows Phone 8 Kaynak: Phablet mit Windows Phone 8 Kaynak: The Lumia packs a beautiful design, top display and 4G connectivity on the. But Windows interface holds the tablet back from competing with Android and iOS counterparts. There's still an alarming lack of dedicated apps, and the awkward touch-screen navigation of its desktop mode is begging for a mouse or stylus.

We want to love the Lumia , as its bright and cheerful glossy polycarbonate body is a zesty alternative to Microsoft's own drab and dreary Surface - but Windows RT 8. Maybe next time? Lumia video review: The Lumia is a responsive and rapid revice, even when you have it undertaking multiple tasks. Here's our Lumia video review.

While we're still not enamoured with Windows RT, Nokia's done a great job showcasing all the OS' positive aspects, while simultaneously adding a few of its own. This combined with its great battery life, 4G connectivity and better than average display make it one of the best Windows RT tablets we've experienced. However, as is the case with all Windows tablets, we're a bit disappointed Nokia hasn't bundled the with an attachable keyboard. The lack of a keyboard makes taking advantage of the 's Office features a little tricky and does hamper its overall enterprise appeal.

It isn't the best tablet around, but the Lumia delivers faster performance and better battery life, with a higher quality display than the Surface 2, and includes 4G as standard. The flawed Windows RT OS is just too much for us to live with but if you can trade creative apps for the Office suite and plump for the Power Keyboard, it could just work. It's well built, a great performer and - in red at least - it offers a stylish difference to the usual black slates.

Sure, the RT bit means you can't put just any old program on it, and the Windows Store needs to fill some of its bigger gaps, but this is a highly capable, versatile device. But while the Lumia has a few drawbacks, the biggest liability is Windows RT—there are better options available that give you either a richer selection of apps, like the Apple iPad Air, or run the full version of Windows, like the Asus Transformer Book TTA. Because it's so lightweight, the is easier to use in tablet mode than the Surface 2, and that stunning nit display makes the experience even sweeter.

We also love the bright display.

Smartphone 1

Meet Microsoft's new candy-coated, anti-Surface tablet Kaynak: It took its time with the Lumia , and in many places that consideration shows. Its simple yet beautiful design is one that will certainly stand out among other Windows 8 tablets, especially its Full HD p display.

Das erste Nokia-Tablet ist zugleich auch das letzte Kaynak: Eine rutschige Angelegenheit Kaynak: When held up to similarly priced Android phones, it's hard to make a case in favour of Windows Phone, which is why Nokia has capitalised on looks and ease of use. If you're looking for the most powerful phone available for around Rs.

You'd be better off with Lenovo's A, for example. However there is one very clear market for the Lumia If you're graduating from feature phone Nokia or otherwise and are looking for a phone that will let you browse the Web, take good photos and use Facebook or WhatsApp easily and in style, this phone is a pretty decent option.

The camera is mediocre at best, while battery life and display quality are just passable. Considering nothing much has changed apart from the higher capacity RAM, it feels slightly expensive. However, the free Gameloft bundle worth Rs 2, somewhat makes up for this premium. The phone costs Rs more than the This obviously leads to a question as to which phone is a better buy? The answer is that if you enjoy gaming, you should go ahead with the as it not only comes with upgraded RAM, but also Rs worth free games.

Otherwise, it makes sense to get the Lumia and save a few hundred rupees. Nokia Lumia Smartphone Notebookcheck Yeni bir phablet. A budget phablet, what a curious thing: Reg puts claws to the Lumia Kaynak: Readers will no doubt tell me where. Encasing it in a book-style flip case just seemed to make it even more gargantuan.

I could leave it in a reporter's bag leather, John Lewis - heavier than anything that ever goes in it - but I prefer not to, I miss too many calls and I would rather have something so basic within easier reach. While the camera's by far its weakest point, it's a superb alternative to the considerably more expensive Lumia and we greatly prefer it to other Android phablets such as the HTC One Max and Samsung Galaxy Mega.

If you're not fussed about taking pictures then the 's great screen and excellent battery life is just the thing for surfing the web and watching films and TV on the move, all without breaking the bank. Plus Nokia knows how utilize the hardware making it seem like its performance is at par with its more premium cousins.

Windows Phone users looking for a bigger phone screen on a budget should definitely get the Nokia Lumia Screen resolution is not tip top, but more than adequate and the Nokia benefits of easy readability in bright sunshine or being usable through gloves means the phone is good to use in summer and winter.

Nokia's usual app extras that handle mapping and music are as impressive as ever, and the camera effects are neat and enjoyable. The camera may only be 5MP resolution, but it takes good photos. The Windows Phone app store is still much weaker than Apple and Android rivals, but it's catching up fast in terms of key titles.

Still, if you have a particular favourite it's worth checking if it or something similar is available.