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Just a few easy steps and you are enjoying full version of the game for tablet or phone! Loading video Game description: A remarkable shooter about World War II. You are waited for by 50 tasks at any of 5 fronts: You will operate various vehicles: In your arsenal there will be different types of weapon, such as various machine guns, bazookas, sniper rifles, grenades, flame throwers and so on.

Tremendous graphics and reliable places, which are based on real places of battles of the Great Patriotic War. Share with friends. Do you like this game? Please, specify your device, and we will select compatible games. Whatsapp is free and the best instant messaging app available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian.

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All controls can be customized from the main menu. Multiplayer mode is playable through both a local Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, and a global internet connection. During gameplay, players receive dog tags when they kill an opposing player. They can then use these dog tags to purchase reinforcements to help attack the opposing team and earn their own team points.

Dog tags are also used to purchase weapons, ammo, and equipment, such as gear, grenades, and health kits, which can be carried to and from the single-player campaign. The player takes control of Corporal David Wilson for the duration of the game. Army together.

David is sent to the Pacific to fight in the Solomon Islands campaign. Led by Sergeant Neissman, David's unit help take back the islands from Japanese forces and prevent the Japanese from calling in air support by destroying their radio center. As they head back to regroup with the rest of the company, David is badly wounded by a Japanese soldier, and is taken to hospital. After waking up from a six-week coma, he receives a letter, informing him both of Eric's death, and the revocation of his Medal of Honor. No further details surrounding the incident are given. Feeling something is not right, David sets out to find the truth.

David finds Dyer after taking back a town, but he claims that he didn't know Eric, having only been transferred into the platoon a month previously. He points David in the direction of MacNeil, a friend of Eric's. Schumacher helps David find MacNeil, who is critically wounded and on high doses of morphine in an old British fort in Africa.

Brothers in arms 3D: Earned in blood

He tells David that someone named "Donnie" knows what happened, and warns him to stop investigating his brother's death if he really loves him. Remaining in Schumacher's squad, David takes part in the invasion of Sicily , but their squad is hit by heavy enemy flak. Fighting their way through the mountains, destroying several German Anti-aircraft guns, they make it across the bridge and into the city. There, David discovers that "Donnie" is a soldier named Donnovan.

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The only information Donnovan is able to provide is that Eric was murdered. Confused, David joins the Allied Forces push from Normandy to Germany, where a man named Hartley tells him that Colonel Becker knows about Eric's death, and is not afraid to talk about it.

David finds an angry Becker, who tells David that Eric was killed during an ambush by Germans after stealing supplies from a hospital. However, David does not believe him, and soon learns that Donnovan and Dyer were with Eric during the ambush. David confronts Donnovan, who admits that he should have been with Eric, but instead remained at the hospital because of a nurse he was attracted to. David realizes that Dyer lied to him, and is hiding a secret. Learning that Dyer has gone back to the Pacific, David returns there, determined to find Dyer, reuniting with Neissman and his unit.

After taking a Japanese camp, they join with Dyer's unit. Dyer suddenly leaves the group, and is followed by David. Dyer is found to be tracking a Japanese patrol, and as he and David fight the patrol, Dyer reveals the truth: When the German ambushed the unit, Dyer escaped, and seeing that Eric was dead, he made it look as if Eric was in possession of the stolen items, but was very sorry about what happened.