My glass on my ipad broke

That incident caused the break above the wifi antenna. But it was another year before the breakage worked loose enough to start affecting its operation.

Throughout the three years, the iPad has had near daily use. Favorites today include Transport Tycoon, Sunshine Cruise Lines and Pocket Planes my son still loves pushing vehicles around, but does it virtually now. All of this history is a huge testament to the build quality that Apple puts into its devices. Knowing how resilient the tablet had proven, I felt sure it would have several more years of useful life if it were repaired. The only catch with a do-it-yourself repair is that this is quite a tricky operation. The iPad leaves the factory as a sealed unit — the screen is bonded on with adhesive during manufacture.

The only way to remove the screen is to melt the adhesive using an industrial-strength hot air blower or similar, and then gently lever it away — taking great care not to damage any of the delicate components located directly under it. This is reckoned to be a two to three hour job for an inexperienced amateur. I reckoned five to six hours to be on the safe side. But a wise voice inside my head whispered of the potential disappointment if, as seemed likely, something went awry. Throughout my life, the single biggest cause of various DIY disasters has been a lack of the proper tools.

I talked to Apple on the phone, and he also said nope, accidental damage not covered. I really feel like if I was able to go to an Apple Store in person, I might have a different result. So, just wanted to share the experience. I was hoping for a better outcome, but was also realistically prepared for the way it turned out. I opened up an iphone for a friend than closed it. Do you think they would notice that? She is very upset and has already replaced one phone through apple so this is the second. Will they replace her iphone 6s for ?

That would be better than new. Please help!! They would notice because the adhesive under the screen would be kinked up and out of place. It makes no sense to send it in if its going to cost the same amount to have to buy a new one. Is there a real answer for those who have accidentally shattered their screen and do not have the Apple Care warranty?

Why would it cost the same amount as a brand new one just to replace the screen? Do not worry that they just use all of those words to confuse you. Its not the same price as going in and buying a new IPhone.

Tricky repair job

Regardless of where you purchase your phone you can call Apple and add Applecare as long as tou do so within 60 days of purchasing the iPhone or Ipad or watch.. All info is available at Apple. I got an iphone 7 upgrade literally 2 days ago. One for me and one for my mom. My mom dropped hers today and the screen shattered. She only had it for 2 damn days! I just read that Apple is covering hairline cracks as a warranty issue now if no other damage. If only a crack then they are saying its defective glass. Good Luck to you.

Replace the Glass on Your Broken iPad at Home

As an Apple employee, I never swap a device for a cracked display with the exception of 4 circumstances: If the device fails calibration, 2. Liquid damage, 3. Parts missing from inside the phone, or 4. An enclosure issue like a bent enclosure. If you bought a new car, then drove it off the lot and 2 days later got into an accident, would you go back to the dealership and ask for them to pay for the damages just because you had it for 2 days?

The thing is your situation is not unique. It happens all the time. People come in everyday who had just gotten a phone, then they crack it, drop it in water, run over it, etc. Because we actually do care. That really really sucks. And I get to do that every day. Just so you know where we as employees are coming from. It just that from a business standpoint operating on the scale that Apple is, there are just things we cannot do.

And as far as calling AppleCare and getting the repair covered, that was your friend telling you how to work the system. AppleCare is given way more power than they should be given, and the Apple Retail Store employees like myself are the ones who get to deal with the fallout of the outrageous shite they tell customers. Thank you! When I went they did tell me I had to pay.

Luckily I met someone at a party who works for apple the very next day. She told me to try calling apple care and telling them what happened.

iPad Mini Glass & Screen Replacement (digitizer and LCD removal and installation)

Thank God! Hello JiveKooly! I literallly had this same exact situation just happen to me! And the day after my phone fell out of my pocket onto the floor and the screen cracked iPhone 7 I received my lifeproof case in the mail. I was just curious what number you called, I am hoping they will be understanding of this as apple care plus was not offered to me when I upgraded and had I known about it I would have got it for sure!

I have a similar situation. What do I do?? Thats not always the case. They can replace the glass or give you a replacement phone. Its up to them. Do you think if I take it back to the dealer they will feel sorry for me and give me an new car for free, or will I have to buy another one?

Actually, he was funny. And you lucked out and probably got the tech screwed. Be careful with your thousand dollar device, geeeeez. You can try to add Applecare, but you usually are going to have to bring the phone into the Apple retail location to get the Applecare added. I never buy the insurance sold by my cell phone carrier cause I see it as a rip off.. My daughter received an iPhone as a gift for her 11th birthday, but three days later dropped it and cracked the screen.

My wife decided to take the damaged phone to the nearest Apple Store and very nicely ask if Apple could make any accommodation. Also, the amount of goodwill Apple created that day with me was worth a large multiple of the normal screen repair cost: So that excuse that kids need cellphones to learn is an excuse she has a nabi 2 tablet and that teaches everything you need to know.

Did you have AppleCare? So I accidently made a small crack on my iPad mini a few days ago, and this morning after putting it in under my pillow there are a lot of cracks. I checked and the replacement is practically the same as buying a new one. What would be the pros and cons of replacing the screen with someone unrelated to Apple?

He let a drunk lady take off his screen protector and when she reapplied it, it had dust, crumbs and hair trapped underneath it. Finally took the protector off after a few days and the screen has gradually stopped working. Does he need a new phone or can the screen be replaced? So my daughter dropped her 6s that she got in Dec and completely shattered the screen to the point their are shards of glass falling from it and now the screen is completly black.

My question is do you think having the glass screen replaced would fix the problem or would the LCD and digitizer need to be replaced? I feel if it needs all that repair maybe making an insurance claim wold be the cheaper route. Any thoughts? So my phone screen is cracked…. Thank you so much for this info.

My ex boyfriend bought my iPhone from a friend that cellphones. I thought I lost hope until my best friend told me that apple can fix my screen. I rather pay quality instead of regretting. I love my phone. My little brother dropped my iPad Air, and the screen cracked.

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Would Apple replace the screen, and if so, how much would I expect to pay? Apple has changed their policy on voided warranty. If you take your device to get fixed from a non-Apple repair centre, your warranty will NOT be voided automatically. It will only be voided if the repair causes other damage. Hi scotty. I have an iphone 5S with a shattered screen, but my rear camera is also non functional. The issues have no correlation, and the device is still under the one year warranty.

How I Saved my iPad mini with Cracked Display From the Trash

Can i have it replaced free of charge? It just dropped and got cracked screen. I can feel my phone getting messages and emails, butnothing comes up. I have applecare. Would this be considered just a screen problem or is there another issue that must be fixed? Hi, what about a non-Apple shop that uses Apple parts? I left my Ipad Air protected in a case on the seat in the car overnight and when I got it I noticed a in hairline crack in the corner of the glass. What do I do? Hey guys, if Apple voids out your warranty because you brought it to a 3rd party and replaced a your screen, there is a little thing called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is the federal law that governs consumer product warranties. Passed by Congress in , the Act requires manufacturers and sellers of consumer products to provide consumers with detailed information about warranty coverage. In addition, it affects both the rights of consumers and the obligations of warrantors under written warranties.

Think of it this way. You buy a new car and put after market tires and rims on it. Does that void out the warranty on your car? No it does not. Apple just added something about this to their warranty page.. Will even go as far as to refund your money.. Its on the website as well. The form must be filled out by the customer not an Apple employee.

Here's Apple's official page on that: This is an old, original iPad mini without a Retina display. I held that thought and asked Gary about the next option. As a humorous aide, the serial number on the back of an iPad is so small, Gary had to use the camera of his own iPhone, zoomed in, to read it. Recycle Value. Gary looked it up on the page I linked to above. With a cracked display, the recycle value from Apple was zero. Previously, TMO's Bryan Chaffin mentioned that Gazelle might give me more, based on his own experience, so I held that thought as well.

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About this time, my wife, who had been shopping in another store, arrived. She mentioned that since the iPad still functioned properly that we simply put a screen protector on it, to protect our fingers and call it good. I remembered that I had just written a Particle Debris column eight days previously that included a link to a Jonny Evans article: It would always reside on the coffee table. So that's what we did.