Windows phone 7 ios theme

And the new iconoclasm doesn't have the per page option.

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Angelman8 Featured By Owner Nov 8, First things first, is your phone jailbroken? If so, are you familiar with how to SSH? I think I'm going to keep typophone.

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Installed it through cydia but its all messed up anyone have any idea? Iphone 3g. Aw thats too bad I was hoping you could be able to make one like that.

Best Windows Phone 7 Theme for iPhone, iPod Touch - Dreamboard Theme (OS7:Revive)

However your Halo Reach theme is looking incredible as well! Since you have an iPhone 4 will you be creating a Retina Version? I am using Typophone4 as my lockscreen and cannot find a homescreen theme that looks as sharp and good. Angelman8 Featured By Owner Oct 3, Unfortunately this kind of theme doesn't work with iPhone 4 at least not without Summerboard mode turned on, and that negates the resolution of the retina display anyway Because it automatically scales any icon image - whether it be smaller as in those of the 3G, 3Gs , or in this case bigger - to the size of the clickable area, which is about x It sucks, but to my knowledge that's how it is.

An iPhone theme for the Windows Phone 7 Emulator!

I love Windows Phone 7 theme, the only thing bad about it is it's long name, they should do something about it, shorten it to wPhone 7 or something. Angelman8 Featured By Owner Apr 15, Just glad I could help. Ha ha, no of course I don't mind.

Transform Your iPhone Into Windows Phone With These Amazing Themes

I've come to realize this theme has gone far beyond me now; it's part of the community. It's nice to see people respecting accreditation these days, though. Thanks for your help.

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Ha ha, I was wondering why anybody would be requesting a print of this. XD edd I updated the html for the lockscreen a while back, and all those errors should be fixed.

How to Make Your Android Phone Look Like a Windows Phone - Make Tech Easier

Try downloading and reinstalling it. Thanks, Angelman. I hope u don't mind, but a took your package and added to it. Didn't changed the name, and kept u as the respective creator. Check the vid here [link] And thanks for the great great great theme. Angelman8 Featured By Owner Mar 28, I try do simillar-looking to original lockscreen But I cant! I'm edited position in my own lock. Angelman8 Featured By Owner Mar 29, It's called Zegoe UI Light. I don't exactly remember how I got it, though. S I'm sure you could find ways, though. Google knows all.

XD bySeon: Ha ha, how creative! Thanks for the comments, guys. I'm glad people are impressed; they very well should be! I'm planning to buy one when they begin to grace humanity with their existence. Only 1 drawback, this theme eats up much of RAM making your iPad weak to handle multitasking. The best Windows 8 theme available till date, it also give a desktop look up to iOS device and it eats much less memory than any other win8 desktop theme.

And the best part is it works fine with both iPhone and iPad. Please like and share this article. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! FIX iOS 7. The motto of publishing at CydiaOS.