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This is the most popular horoscope application on Android. It is top-rated and has over 10m million users. They cover all the zodiac sun signs with daily, weekly and monthly horoscope.

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They offer extensive compatibility readings for each two zodiac signs. The compatibility section covers love, friendship, business and family aspects of every combination of two signs. This is a kundli, horoscope matching, astrology, and Hindu calendar all in one. It is specially designed keeping in mind mobility and instant calculations. No other app has so many Indian astrology, Vedic astrology and Hindu astrology features like Astrosage kundli. You can start off your morning right by just reading how its gonna be on this app.

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  • Read your horoscope for free for today, tomorrow, the week, month or even year on your phone or tablet. Know about the planets of your love life, career, health, and friendships. The readings and horoscopes are written by professional astrologers and can guide you on a daily basis.

    10 Best Horoscope Apps for Android

    You can read your daily horoscope with all the decanates prepared by an astrology expert. You can even add a photo of your best friend or family to provide accurate data and predictions for all the sun signs. You can even share your horoscope through various social networking sites. You can get your horoscope as a daily PUSH message at a requested time.

    With Astroguru you can get an insight into what lies ahead for you.

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    This is a unique forecast app that provides you with readings and predictions. Astroguru is the sole app that gives you the best palmistry projections by actually scanning and reading your palm. This app takes fortune telling to a new level. It is introducing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly forecasts. Besides, it offers the best of palmistry projections by reading your palm. After long-term investigation on many theories, they boost the accuracy rate up to a fantasy level.

    The 7 Best Horoscope Apps for Android and iOS | Digital Trends

    Daily Horoscope is the Top 1 free app on Google Play. This suggests that they all came from a single attacker or cybercriminal syndicate. Once installed and launched, these Trojans will first display an error saying that they have been removed from your phone due to incompatibility. But in reality, they are just concealing themselves from view and they're still active in the background. The trojan then proceeds to download the actual banking malware on your gadget while remaining hidden.

    Thankfully, all 29 of these apps have been removed from the Google Play Store and they're no longer available for download. However, the questionable apps had been installed by almost 30, users before they were pulled out.

    5 Astrology Apps To Read Your Birth Chart On That Will Help You Learn More About Your Zodiac Sign

    Click here to read ESET's full report. Although this campaign is sophisticated, ESET noted that these Trojans do not employ advanced techniques to ensure persistence on an infected Android phone. All it takes to remove these Trojans is to simply uninstall them from your gadget. Look through the list and keep an eye out for anything that's odd or unfamiliar. Tap the questionable app you want to get rid of and this will open up the App Info screen.

    Here are the Best Horoscope Apps for Android:

    First, remove the app's data cache by hitting "Clear Cache. Sometimes, sneaky app developers hide their fake apps by making their title and icons invisible. If that's the case, look for blank spaces in your Application Manager and uninstall them as usual. This is why it is also so critical to have a reliable backup service. All it would take is one nasty fake app or mobile malware and you could lose it all.

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